Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas picture

Had to wait until Heathers Christmas cards had arrived to everyone before I posted Tyler Christmas photo's. Bob and I took him for the sitting this year since Heather was sick, she sent 4 different outfit for us to change him into, you will notice he is wearing the same thing in all these pictures. I felt lucky to get him into any clothes at all let lone get him changed 3 more times, when we have Ty he wants to hang out in his PJ's all day, that is unless it is nice enough to play outside then he is very willing to cooperate!! My favorite photo is of him in the chair, the poor lady was working like crazy to get a good pose but Ty just wanted to hang out in the chair like Papaw, so funny, I finally told her just get the shot and lets move on. I hope I can get my Christmas picture in the next few days, can't seem to get everyone in one place at one time and all dressed, hair just right, the list goes on and on!!

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