Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pre WW 2 tree

This is my very favorite tree!! Bob received Christmas ornaments from his Mother and Grandmother before his Mother passed away almost 28 years ago. For many years we wouldn't use the ornaments because I was so afraid one might get broken, around 10 years ago I decided if I put a tree in a corner of the dinning room out of the main traffic pattern they should be safe, I am so glad I did!! The ornaments date from pre WW 2, during WW 2 and we think the late 50's. The ones from WW 2 era we don't use anymore because they have cardboard hangers instead if the metal ones, during WW 2 metal couldn't be used for ornaments, they have become to fragile to use but we still unwrap them each year and remember Ma and Grandma. I use one of Bobs Mothers Christmas table cloths as the cover for the table we put the tree on and I use a end table cloth from Grandma to wrap around the bottom of the tree.

Now that our girls are older and on their own we like to make gift opening last longer and have a little fun, so we have something under most of the tree's around the house, I put a gift under Ma and Grandma's tree that relates to family in some way, sometimes it is a family photo framed, scrapbook, mini album. I want to keep this tree's gifts with a connection to our family.

Forgot to say that the kitchen tree also have a gift for the kids I stick with having something to do with cooking, maybe a good cookbook, kitchen tool, special pot or pan, it is so fun to find a little something that they can use and will remind them where the heart of our home is

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