Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oop's forgot to blog Monday

Sorry about that, I have Tyler all week, Daycare closed for 2 weeks but county school's are open until Wednesday so I have way more help than I need.

We couldn't get the Gingerbread houses done Sunday so Tyler and Bob worked on a few this morning, as you can see AJ decided to get in on the act. Tyler is so funny he calls them the Chickenbread houses, don't know what that is all about but it is funny as all get out! We keep telling him no they are Gingerbread houses, but he has a mind of his own, he is giving his houses to Mommy and Daddy and Meme and Pap Pap

When the girls were in school we would do one for all of their teachers, averaged over 30 each year, you talk about WORK, but they are really cute and make the house smell great, as the girls got older and wanted to buy gifts for every friend they had we started having a Gingerbread party and had the kids all bring a mystery Santa gift for under $10.00. All the kids got to go home with a small gift and a Gingerbread house to share with the family. This sure saved us a lot of money but again, what a mess and lots of work

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