Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More from Tuesday

I will try and make up for lost time while Tyler is taking a nap. Our Niece and her children were able to come over for a long weekend this past week, Ty loves to have cousins to play with! We all went for a sleigh ride Saturday night with a stop at Panara's for hot chocolate, then closed the night out with a trip to Barnes and Nobles, Wheeee. I am to old for all the activities with the little ones. For those of you from up north in NC our sleigh rides are in parking lots, the sled has wheels, now we could head up to the Mts and do a real sleigh ride but that would mean we would need to drive the 2 hours to get their, I can tell you that ain't happening until they get a little older!!
Lori Ann loved riding around yelling Merry Christmas to everyone, Daniel thought the horse was a tiger and kept yelling out giddy up tiger, and Tyler was all about the wheels. As you can see in this picture he was falling out of the sled trying to watch the wheels, no wonder I have high blood pressure

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