Thursday, December 31, 2009

January Challenge

Posted are a few photo's of my paper storage, I LOVE Cropper Hoppers, they keep your paper clean, wrinkle free, ez to thumb through and save on storage space. That being said they are so great that you can end up storing so much paper that you forget how much you really have!!

So my January challenge to myself and you is to use up some of what we have, as an added challenge I am going to focus on our older photo's that are always waiting for a little love. The previous post using Felicity were pictures from years past for the most part. Our girls are age 26, 27, and 32, the pictures I used are from their baby photo storage albums, I plan on digging into those and making a dent in my overflowing paper stash over the month of January.

Check back later to pick up a few tips, motivation and a blast from the past, Heck I have some pictures form as far back as the 1800's I will share with you

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