Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hitting the mark

My goal for September was to save one full paycheck out of the 3 we would be receiving in September. We meet our goal and a tiny bit more!! After playing around with some numbers last night I figured out what I think we will need for the next 2 weeks and transferred the rest to savings!! How you ask did you meet such a lofty goal? I kept my happy rump at home for the most part and lived off the overstuffed pantry other than milk and eggs. It seems to me September flew by, at the start of the month it seemed like a longgggg way to September the 30th, next thing I knew it was upon us.
With hubby home the past 2 weeks I was afraid the spending plan would be out the window and the goal would never be meet however we were so busy at home we didn't have any time to go crazy at the home improvement store and we stayed away from Wally world! The one purchase we made was to order hardwood floors for the living room, the wood will be delivered next week with instillation the following week. We have agreed we disagree on the hardwoods for the living room for a few years, I hate trying to keep the carpet cleaned hubby wants the soft warm feel of carpet. After the hardwoods are in I will be looking for a large area rug that is reasonably priced so we can have the best of both worlds. We used cash from his recent bonus to make the hardwood purchase, gave 10% of the money away then shoved the rest into savings, we don't need anything else and surprisingly we don't want anything else. It's funny now that we are in this be more frugal for close to a year deal we are enjoying what we have so much more and don't have a wish list a mile long like we have in the past!!!
I have worked on Octobers spending plan a bit this morning but October is such a crazy month I can't seem to land on a good plan. I do know if I don't go into the month with a plan money seems to slip away when I'm not looking. I decided to have next week as a no spend week (maybe) then revisit the spending plan next weekend. I have soooooo much to organize and sort around the house that being grounded for a week will be welcome!!!! Hubby was able to spend all day yesterday in the garage doing a big clean out with visits in to see the little girls and I now and then when he needed a break. I must admit I was jealous of what all he accomplished and very surprised at what he gave up and took to the dump. I will have my turn at a clean out Monday in the spare bedroom, our Christmas pile has outgrown the closet, filled the bed and is flowing onto the floor. I know I am not done Christmas shopping but I have a heck of a good start. I now need to organize what I have, make a list of what more we need then watch the sales. I'm thinking a week of taking stock around the house will help clear my mind for Octobers spending plan. Expect next weeks posts to be about organizing, donating, and finishing up some sewing projects that need to be finished and one that I want to try.
Off to enjoy one last day with my better half on our first REAL fall day, its cool with a brisk north wind perfect for a fresh loaf of bread, a pot of soup and something sinful for desert


  1. Congratulations on meeting your goal! That's awesome!! :) I kind of feel like I'm floundering this month so far, there are things I want, but I don't want to spend. That's not gona work well... lol!

  2. I know what you mean, Oct is always an odd month for us as well. I like to get some big home projects done before the holiday's, I get ansy to head to the mountians and enjoy the fall color change, holiday shopping gets in full gear. I'm not sure what Octobers budget is gonna be yet