Friday, March 22, 2013

Countdown to Vacation

Dr. Karsyn Ryleigh Kundla spent the morning with me yesterday.
A whole lot of Doctoring was going on
The "Nanouis" (Diagnosis) for this baby is she needs pizza.
I sew should be doing 101 other things but I would like to try and work on these cute House blocks during our cabin trip. I have been pulling out scraps like a mad woman, the sewing room is now upside down :(
While I was dropping of packages to mail this morning I decided to use some of the money I received from a BIG custom order to treat myself to a weekender bag (shame on me) Here's the deal. I had a $18.00 store rewards credit to use and the bag was on sale for 40% off!! How cool is that? Total cost for a $120.00 bag only $54.00!!!! OK so it's last years model but for me it's the first girly travel bag ever. I like it! Ha
With all that savings I sprung for laptop computer bag. Ouch it was $84.00 but I had budgeted $150.00 to spend on a bag so I am still under by paying just using my sewing money plan (not by much) Here is the other cool thing. The shop called back to tell me I should have received some sort of two additional  little somethings by Vera Bradley so come on by the shop and pick them out. It has been a prized full week for sure!! Ha

Here I sit on this PC when I should be busy packing the rest of my things for our weekend trip in addition I have to get the Tee shirt quilt finished today as I am meeting it's new Mommy in the AM for delivery. I sew need to FOCUS!!!

I have a lot of the sewing packed up I will bring along knowing full well I won't make a dent in most of it but I'm not sure what mood I might be in. Sew....I have over packed! I have nothing on my must do list as far as sewing goes, just gonna sew for fun.

I have another lady who wants to commission 3 Tee shirt quilts to give her adult children for Christmas this year. I can't tell you how much I hate doing these quilts, they just seem so messing looking to me when they are finished but folks love them, Sew I will take it on. What the heck it will feed my fabric habit! Before we leave town tomorrow I will be depositing the check from the tee shirt quilt I am delivering in the AM (I have to finish today) into our Vacation/Christmas account. I am trying to fund that account with what I consider found money; refunds, rebates, coupon saving and transfers from our checking account each payday. Some side sewing for profit should be a nice addition.

For our trip this week I won't be withdrawing any cash from the vacation account!! I have enough leftover weekly spending money along with leftover sewing money from earlier this week that I can sit back and watch that Vacation/Christmas account keep growing. Whats not to love!

Alright enough of this wasting time I gotta get it in gear or I will be up way past my bedtime. But here is a question for any of you ladies who Sew for profit.

I have been telling people who want to buy a quilt the general cost of materials for quilts based on the size they request in addition I am charging between $75.00 and $150.00 dollars for my time. A baby quilt is usually less. I have yet to have anyone that seems shocked at the price. Am I under charging? The tee shirt quilt I WILL finish today has 20 hours of work into it 62 X 82 size quilt. What do you think? Here is an example in my area long arm quilters are charging .04 cents a square inch to quilt the top. The quilting alone on this quilt would have cost $205.00. That doesn't include the fabric, batting, backing or piecing the quilt.
I would NEVER want to overcharge someone but undercharging seems not right to ladies who have a real sewing business.


  1. LOVE your new Bag & colours ! Have FUN FUN FUN on your Weekend Away !!! xx

    1. Thanks Cindy! I keep moving the bag from room to room where I am working so I can look at it! HA AJ the beagle is going crazy knowing Mommy is going away, poor little thing

  2. I have given up doing tshirt quilts unless someone reeaaallly wants them. I do them a solid sashing and varied size blocks so they looked pulled together but they get really heavy and a pain to quilt. What book is that with the house blocks. If you go on the moda website there is a charm square house block pattern that I am making in the red and while.

    Is that the hard sized laptop bag? I have the soft one with room for files on each side.

    How I do my pricing: I figure the price of fabric by the inch (you could just do it by the quarter yard). One price for quilt shop quality and one price for joanne/hancocks quality (I use these for baby and sport quilts). I do this even if I buy special fabric because I buy yardage and add it to my stash for other items. I do the same for batting (I get warm and natural by the roll at Hancocks on sale). I figure a "charge" for thread-kind of like the garage does for little screws and such if that makes sense???? I have one flat price for most sizes of quilts-one with simple straight line or in the ditch quilting and one for fancier stuff. I have a notebook in my sewing room and in the beginning wrote down when I sat down and when I got up and what I did so that now I know ABOUT how long most quilts take (applique and the like are more). Was that more than you ever wanted to know? Oh and now that I am settled I am only selling from my blog, facebook page and my new storefront, no more etsy.

    My son says at an absolute minimum the materials cost should be doubled.

  3. THANKS SEW much Barb!!! I like your idea on the fabric price, I don't like to buy fabric at the big box stores but maybe I should offer that to people, it's a heck of a lot cheaper. I sure don't want to add anything else to my stash, have way more than I want already!!!! Ha
    I have pulled info from all over the place, looks like this quilt should sell for $400.00-$450.00 But since she is a lady I know I am going with $350.00 for the price. And you are right about the weight!! They weight a ton.
    The Laptop bag is hard sided for a full size PC, it has pockets on the outside of both sides, one with a zipper.

    The house block pattern is from Quilting Quickly Summer 2013. The video is here

    1. There is a website called the campus quilt company you may want to look at. I know a woman who charges twenty dollars a shirt..its a toughie

  4. I love the bags, they are beautiful and bargains too, you did well with both :)

    Hope you have a fantastic time and can't wait to hear all about it :)

    1. Thanks Sandra, Looks like we might even get snow while we are their!! Yepeee

  5. Debbie- Great bags and what a bargain. I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful time. Take lots of pictures!!! xo Diana

  6. Thanks Diana, We have been to this cabin before, it has Racoons that like to vist each night. So cute but mean little suckers