Friday, March 1, 2013

How Can it be Friday!!

This week has flown by. It seems like just yesterday I started quilting hubby's Birthday quilt
Then AJ the beagle and I spent some snuggle time working on the binding. AJ loves quilts!! You can set your clock each evening, 8:15 PM is snuggle time. She won't leave us alone until we cover her up with a quilt. She gets a little put out when I am binding a quilt as I have to keep moving it around as I work but she still won't leave my side. How could we not do as we are told by this sweet little gal?
Finished up just before the sun went down yesterday!!

I had a lot of plans for this least one thing has been completed!  Ha
 I am being a lazy butt this morning just hanging in the bed with the laptop before I have to shower and get ready to face the day with Kara. Hubby is headed back south after a quick turn around trip up North. So thankful he won't be in a big snow storm as he hits the road this time!!!!

I am thinking a play date with all of the grands over at DD#1 home today is in order. We will be having a nice sunny day with mild temps, prefect for burning off some of Kara's energy, followed by an afternoon nap for us both. I need to get my energy level up by a whole bunch!!

I did pull out one UFO last night before hitting the sack. Time to get back to the dreaded task of cleaning up more UFO's and I picked up the next block of the month earlier in the week so I want to knock that out. March is the last of the block of the month club. We will end up with 24 completed patriotic blocks. I hope to play around with my blocks to come up with two quilts for the "Quilt of Valor"  group for donating. I'm not sure if I will join in on another BOTM as I really do hate sampler quilts! They are just to busy for my taste.

Time to get my shower and do one last check on the house to make sure everything is in order for my pint size buddy to arrive.


  1. I LOVE the quilt Debby, it looks beautiful, bet your husband is going to love it :)

    Your dog is adorable, isn't it funny how they develop their own routines?

    I can't believe it's Friday either, what the heck, where did time go?

  2. Thanks Sandra Hubby is a HUGE Bama fan, hope now that he will have his own quilt he will leve the girly quilts for me! AJ the beagle is truly the head of the household here

  3. That looks great, and the colors are awesome! Your husband's gonna flip when he sees it.
    I love AJ! I have a chihuahua named Shadow who always buries himself under pillows and blankets. We're planning on getting a new puppy some time this spring. Dogs rule! (I love all animals, as a matter of fact.)
    PS--I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who lazes in bed in the morning. But is it really being lazy if you are reading?

  4. really like your husband's quilt!!!

  5. Nice job on the quilt! Lucky husband :)

  6. Great quilt! He will love it.

    I will be having my pint sized buddy here today and tomorrow.

  7. Hubby is going to go nuts when he sees that Quilt! Warm, did you say warm? it is so cold here with North/East winds. I am looking forward to warm and balmy weather.

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