Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Busy Beaver Kinda Day

Free motion quilting wears me out. I can only do about an hour at a time on the machine before my shoulders start freezing up.

 During breaks to rest my shoulders I have been working on our photo files. Holy Moly I was 3 years behind on this BIG job!! I have finally worked my way up to 2012 photo's.
 Then it's back to more quilting
Needed another break sew off to the grocery store to pick up the deals on butter this week. Total spent $38.32, total saved $16.62

 After 3 days of quilting she is finally finished and I sew LOVE her!!
 I found binding and backing that worked out just right from my stash
Lots and Lots of tiny loop D loops. Once this gal is washed she will be supper crinkly and soft.

Super short post as I am very tired tonight from all this FMQ quilting!!! I just had to take this sweet quilt out this afternoon to show her off. I love the simplicity of the quilt top the soft curves and of course all that FMQ!! The verdict is, everyone loves it as much as I do. One friend now wants a full size just like it for her spare bedroom. HA, you are nuts. I am willing to do the quilt top but...she will have to find a long arm quilter to do the quilting !!!

 Sorting digital photo's has been on my "To Do" list since last year (maybe longer) I decided two weeks ago it was time to get on it. All I can say is My, Oh My. The game plan is to finish the sorting by the end of the month, then it's on to working each file folder. Deleting photo's, cropping, converting to black and white, and all that jazz. Once done with all of that I will burn each folder to a CD, one copy for home, back up copies to the DD's. Finally it's on to the photo shop to begin the printing (spending) While I do have a photo printer at home it would take FOREVER to print all I want to do. A GF and I are going to start scrapbooking once a month (maybe twice) when we get it all together. I am embarrassed to say I haven't done a layout in at least 2 years!!! Tyler has 7 scrapbooks, the little girls and Mason man have not a SINGLE page (blush)

I have more scrapbooking supplies, tools and gadgets than any one person should have sooo... other than printing photo's this should be a pretty thrifty endeavor. I love scrapbooking but once I got my fancy sewing machine I put it on the back burner, WAY back on the burner!! Ha


  1. Sew love it too, very pretty :) And I'm probably about years behind on my digital photos organizing...I know, I'm ashamed!

    1. Thanks Lena!! I am getting worried I will lose all our photo's. We do have an external hard drive but having them on CD's makes me feel safer

  2. LOVE the quilt!! A free motion foot is on my wishlist for my machine! I need to figure out how much one is... do you just wiggle here and there when you do free motion? Or do you follow a certain "design"??? It's beautiful though, truly!!!

  3. Carla, I just wiggle around. I hope to someday learn to do it with a design but for now I am still trying to get better at what I do know!! Ha The foot is also called a darning foot they shouldn't be very high, I would also get quilting gloves as they help push the quilt around. The gloves are close to $30.00 I am thinking