Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Joys of Spring NOT!!

I wiped a small place on the hood of my car to show you how DEEP the pollen is right now. One of the not so fun things about spring!!
While picking up the part for my presser foot that was the WRONG part BTW, UGHHHH I couldn't pass up this sweet layer cake for a little boy. Instead of doing what I should have been doing yesterday I got busy cutting this fabric up. Hope my idea will work!!
This is one of the many things I should have completed today. My sewing room is in a mess. This project is on my MUST Do list for the weekend!!
Hubby thinks I am nuts to try and sleep with the temperature so high in the house each night. It just seems wrong to go from the heater one day to the air conditioner the next :( My next power bill had better be low after all this suffering!!

Can I just say right now it's HOT!!! Sure hope the rain that is predicted tonight will cool things off, it is hard to get a good night sleep when your sweating like a pig. Tonight I will be taking a cool shower before bed to try and cool off my core!!!

I grounded myself today with the phone off the hook so I could catch up on the tons of odds and ends hanging around the house. I didn't get everything done but at least I made a dent. Why, oh why, do I start a million projects at one time? My goal is to have everything back in order and caught up by Monday so I can begin a new Boy quilt I have visioned in my mind. Like I need one more thing to do! Ha

One of the things I was able to accomplish today was to video tape the downstairs, closets, cabinets and all. Of course I had to do a little clean up before I could begin. Hope all the dust and pollen in the house doesn't show up!! Tomorrow will be the upstairs, followed by the garage. I can't remember the last time I made a video of the house for insurance purposes just in case we should ever need to make a claim. Once I get it all together I will burn it to a CD then put a copy in the strong box with additional copies at DD#1's house.The threat of severe weather seems to always put me in the mood to check on our storm preps and supplies. A video of the contents of our home seems to be the only thing I can think of that we might be lacking.

Time for that cool shower and bed for me. Kara will be here in the morning bright and early, need to rest while I can!! Ha

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  1. What an awesome idea to videotape your house! I need to do it too! And can you, please, some of that heat of yours?? I don't like our wet and 50F weather here :(