Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Times

The Grands have been keeping me super busy the past week, I seem to be meeting myself coming and going! Even When Kara is playing quietly she is a busy bee!!!
Caught Kara at the scene of the crime over the weekend. All last week and this week she heads to the back of our yard where I can't see her due to all the trees. She then returns with no pants, shoes, socks or diaper, What the heck!!! Seems Ms. Kara has decided to potty train herself using a DOGS guide to pooping. GRRR. Mommy and I were both mortified by Kara's idea of potty training, my neighbors think it's a hoot!! I have been wondering why lately she asks anyone she see's if the do poop, grocery clerk, friends, Karsyn, the list goes on and on. She always follows up with "dogs do poops" Now we know. Mommy's job is about to get messy!!!
Between Kara and DD#1's kiddo's I have been working on getting my fabric scraps ready for the Scrap Sister Swap hosted by Carla. I could spend weeks pulling scraps together but time is short so I HAVE to finish up tonight.
The baby boy quilt is pin basted, hope to have time to begin quilting this week. Fingers crossed!!!
After a hard day of toddler time I deserve a sweet treat don't you think!

Where does the time go? Each day I think as soon as the grands leave, I clean up, have supper, do a little yard work, and whatever else is waiting in the wings I will get a post done on the blog. The reality is I fall in the bed with hopes of a calmer day tomorrow. Who am I kidding!!! Ha

I have declared tomorrow as Nanny's day, unless someone is in an emergency situation I will be taking a day all to myself. There are SO many things that I am falling behind on that I must catch up, sleep is one of the many must do's.

I played around with our April budget numbers this morning before I headed to DD#1's to watch her kiddo's. With all the cash I have been putting out lately on the grands and big kids I didn't reach the goal I had set for savings this month. I REALLY need to do better in May. Another area of the budget that has to be addressed is what we have on auto pilot for 401K and our HSA. I think I have over estimated the amount we are contributing, therefore we are going to miss out on hubby's employer's matching contribution. Communicating with hubby is sooo darn hard right now as his phone service stinks in AZ and he is working such long hours I can't seem to get him to understand the questions he needs to ask payroll Dept. It's always something when he is on a project. Keeping up with the house, yard, family, financial planning and everything else can get a little overwhelming. I try hard not to get fussy about it all but.......

Off to the races again to see what I can accomplish tonight. My focus is going to be in the sewing/scraproom. As usual it's in a hot mess once again.

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  1. You do have a lot going on lately! I hope, May is a little calmer for you. And I feel sorry for Kara's Mom but she and her way of potty training is adorable :)