Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Roundup

 One of the many need "To Do's" on my list this weekend was to get the scrap/sewing room back in order
Ahh, all better. The cutting counter still has a lot on it however those are the next up on my "To Do" list.

 Both baby boy quilts and Halloween runner's are complete and ready to move to the gift closet. Double Ahhh
Free motion quilting has been started on the baby girl "Flag" quilt. Not sure if I feel like working on it tonight. If not it will be first tackled come Monday morning

Even got in some R&R time on the deck over the weekend to enjoy the outdoors before the mosquito's show up.

It's been a funny day today as we didn't have Sunday dinner. It is amazing how quite it is when the gang is not around each Sunday, also amazing that I didn't start dinner at 7:00 AM today!! Ha

DD#1 and her family are in PA visiting the In-Laws
DD#2 chaperoned the Senior Prom last night, really late night
DD#3 Celebrated her 30th Birthday last night with friends, she too was in need of some extra sleep today.
Hubby is still in AZ
AJ the beagle and I haven't figured out what we will be having for dinner tonight, maybe breakfast for supper or something else nice and easy to cook and clean up.

The lady I made the last Tee shirt quilt for gave it to her DD and to be Son-in-law at their bridal shower yesterday. They LOVED it!! Yaaaa, that's the good news. The maybe bad news is there were a ton of people wanting my info so they could commission a Tee shirt quilt of their own. Maybe if I do enough of them I won't hate doing them as bad as I do now! Ha The extra money would look very nice in the I'm game.

Another friend is getting ready to open a booth in a unique gift shop. She wants some of my handmade items to attract a larger crowd. Now that project I find more appealing in that I can make things I do enjoy making. If they sell great, if they don't it's OK by me as I like a nice stock of gifts in the gift closet. She is looking for a fall open date which gives me lots of time to decide what to make and to get r done.

While all of these are great opportunities I refuse to let ANYTHING get in the way of our family/lifestyle plan. Everyone who really knows me knows I mean what I say. My priority's are and have always been to get this Wife, Mommy, Nanny thing right, well as close as I can get to it anyway. I learned after our youngest left for college and I went back to the "Cooperate World" I can never be one of those who see their career as fulfilling. I'm not bashing anyone who chooses that for themselves, it's just not my cup of tea.

It's hard to find balance in your life. Amazing how hard it is to work at keeping that balance. I know by now that my heart is in our home. Really I might not like all the yucky jobs that are on the "To Do" list at times but I can think of nothing better than HOME.


  1. Good job on your sewing room!! I love it to bits! I hope to have one like that myself one day!! :) So glad the t-shirt quilt was well received! Although I honestly can't imagine ANYONE not LOVING anything you create! lol!!

    I'm with you, Debby, 100%! Being at home fulfills me more than anything else would... I know I won't look back on my life and think, "if only I worked outside the home for 8-9 hours a day, my life would have been so much better!". I understand for many, there isn't a choice, but i'm grateful God has made it possible for my family!! :)

  2. Thanks Carla!! Hope I don't get covered up in tee shirt quilts!
    I think if more parents would see what it really cost for both to work outside the home more and more would stay home, it's not just the cost of gas, eating out, clothes and all. The cost to our children is just so much!!

  3. Great job on cleaning up your fabulous room. It looks ready for a new mess. LOL

  4. Debby, my DH is the lucky one who gets to stay at home with our two boys. We homeschool and our boys are thriving. I really wish *I* was the one who got to stay home but I easily made three times what DH did. Still I'd give up my job in a heartbeat!

    1. Kigwit, our DD's have SO many friends who are doing the same thing!! The stay at home Daddy's are so cute having tea parties, playing dress up and all with little girls. When DD#1 had her last two kiddo's the best ever meals that friends brought over in was from the stay at home Daddy's!!!

  5. Good job on the sewing room. Waiting to get my stuff out of storage and into my new sewing/guest room. driving me crazy. Idont have an answer for you. I actually told my son I was going to stop doing custom quilts a week or so ago (just make things I like and then list them). And then an lady who wants a circle baby quilt engaged me I am again!

    1. Ha, you gotta go with the flow!! I know yu are ready to get settled in your new place

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