Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One Bobbin Challenge

There are so many stinking piles around the house that needed some tending but the baby boy quilt was calling me to play today. I decided in order to have some quilting time I would do a one bobbin challenge. Once I had used up a bobbin quilting I had to get up from the machine knock out a pile of whatever struck my fancy then return to the fun at my fancy machine.

 First up was this pile of receipts, coupons, reward points, need to call on, or deal with stuff on the kitchen counter. I hate doing this stuff but I hate the mess even more.
 All done!! I have my coupons and rewards points organized and in my purse. Spent more time than I wanted clearing up the rest of the mess. Back to quilting, YAAAA
 One bobbin later I finally got around to unpacking the projects I took on our girls trip in the mountains that I never touched. I have TOOO many projects!! Back to quilting.
 Another bobbin empty, time to get busy making Hubby some candy for his goodie box I want to get in the mail this week. I mistakenly bought semi sweet chocolate squares instead of milk chocolate this past winter. It's a real pain to chop it up for candy coating but I don't want it to go to waste.
 Leftover chocolate covered peanuts after I put together hubby's goodie box. Most (some) of the leftovers will be going to hubby's BFF that sooo loves home made goodies.
 Next bobbin empty, next problem to addressed. My hexie quilt is a WIP that may take an additional year to complete the quilt top alone. I needed something to store all the pieces I that I can grab and go when I help out with DD#1's kiddo's when they are napping. These freebie bags from way back when will do the trick.
 Pockets all around the outside that hold the baggies of white and green sashing hexies, yellow center hexies, thread, scissors and thimble.
 The inside holds hexie block kits, WIP blocks, and additional sashing fabric.
 Lots more empty bobbins during the day, more piles dealt with but this post is already photo heavy!! Quilt COMPLETE!!
 Lots of meandering FMQ.
 The inner border, flags and bias tape were left unquilted. Once this guy is washed and dried those areas will get all puffy and cute.
 I found the backing at one of the big box stores on clearance!!!! While it's not the same line of fabric as the front they work great together. Kara is in love with this fabric. I am going to have to figure out something to make for her with the leftovers.
 Scarp sister package in addition to a surprise package and hubby's goodie box are loaded in the car for a early morning trip to the post office.
By the end of the day I was out of energy but the yard needed some tending to. Front yard is finished the back yard is on the To Do list for tomorrow.

Holy Hanna it's been a LONG day!!!! So much completed but of course there is always more to do. I am super happy with how the baby boy quilt turned out and even happier I took time out to address the piles of stuff I haven't been able to find time to do. In addition to everything listed here tonight I cleaned out the fridge and 2 1/2 of the freezers. Thanks Lena for giving the motivation to face that BEAR!!! The scrap/sewing room received a little TLC today as well. More sorting, organizing and wrapping of fabric is needed but that's for another day as I am DONE!!!! At least my body says I'm done.

 Think I have finally finished up this months progress on savings. As always there is good and not so good, I won't say bad!! As long as we are moving forward I have to be satisfied, right?

Do any of you play tricks or make deals with yourself to make time for the MUST do's so you can get to the fun stuff? Share your idea's with the rest of us as I need lots more motivation!!


  1. 45 minutes of sewing and 15 minutes of work on Saturdays. On week nights, at least 30 minutes of sewing.

    But I like the one bobbin idea! I'll have to try that one.

  2. I really like this idea! I saw something similar on Apartment Therapy a little while back. It was the one wet sponge rule. The girl who wrote about it had a rule that if she didn't feel like cleaning (dishes) she had to clean at least one wet sponge's worth and then she could stop, but usually she didn't need to stop. I've started doing similar things around the house, and it's looking MUCH cleaner now :)

  3. I am shattered just reading what you did all day. You're one busy lady!!

  4. Looks like it was a very busy day. I've never sewed much beyond hemming a pair of pants but last night I pulled out my sewing machine...so much dust after 10+ years of being in the closet. I'm going to try to do the Zippy Wallet Tutorial done by Carla.

  5. You have gorgeous sewing projects, but guess what pic I was stuck on? Yep. Those delicious chocolate covered peanuts. YUM!!

  6. You have been a very girl! I need to figure out a challenge for myself so I can play AND get work done too!

  7. Wow, that's organised. The quilt's fantastic.
    Love from Mum