Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lots of Sewing Time

 Kara left yesterday just in time for she and Mommy to have and afternoon nap. I too hit the bed soon after they left to recharge my batteries which were running very low!!
 After getting the house back in order I got busy on the next project I have been wanting to try from the "Fresh Fabric Treats" book, a Craft Bag. I have a bit more work to do to finish it up tomorrow as I was too aggravated to work on it any longer today. Check out the cutting from our Lady Banks Rose, she is in full bloom now.
After putting the Craft Bag away for the day I started working on a soon to be Baby Boy quilt I have had rolling around in my head. It to has been put aside for the night. I'm looking forward to hitting the floor in the morning to work on both of these jewels.

It was nice to have the house back to myself today however I really did miss that little trouble maker. Nothing better than hanging out on the deck making conversation with a two year old just as the sun is coming up! Ha

After a quick clean up around the place and returning all the phones back to their bases (except one Kara has hidden well) I got back to working on a Craft Tote I had cut out last week. What a pain!!! Total pieces for the tote 31 as well as 18 jelly roll strips!!!! Way more work than I think it was worth, but it is turning out pretty cute. I am using "Noteworthy" along with "Odds and End's"  for the bag both of which I love however I think the next one (if ever) I will do in darker colors so it won't show dirt as much. Crafters hands and work area's can get pretty darn messy!

I plan on getting the baby boy quilt appliqued tomorrow and hope to pin baste it sew I can get to the quilting next week since Ms. Kara will be back on Friday-Sunday. Her Mommy and Daddy got in some MUCH needed rest and a few projects done around their place while she was with me. As much as they missed her having down time was VERY welcomed! Ha We are going to set up a schedule for her to stay with me overnight at least once a month for awhile as she really is a handful!!!

Spending time with Kara brings back lots of memories of our DD#2 when she was little, still wonder how we survived it! DD#2 was never ever still, she was on the run and into something from the second her feet hit the floor every day. She is all grown up now at 31 years old and still full of energy but at least the energy is used on productive endeavors these days. As soon as Kara is old enough she will be signed up for lots of athletic activities as her Aunt Amber was. Sports gave DD#2 a great outlet in and organized safe way to burn off those batteries that never seemed to run down.

I am sure if we talked to the Dr. they would label Kara as hyperactive and be quick to get her on pills. NO WAY, NO HOW!!!! Together as a team we will lasso all that energy into something good for her and the world. Until that time Nanny is gonna need some new tennis shoes with extra supports!! Ha


  1. Love that craft tote! And that is a lot of pieces... lol! I finished a table runner and a couple of iPad/KOBO cases. Today on my list is to begin a crafting tote bag for an order... i'd also like to get 4 log cabin blocks done with my scraps as well!! :)

    Enjoy your day!!

  2. Good luck to you, sounds like you are feeling better!!

  3. Really really love that tote, beautiful :)

  4. Thank you Sandra, it was a bugger to do

  5. You survived with you own young ones cause we were younger! You have cut flowers. We have daffodils in bloom just now..I think Spring has finally sprung for us.