Saturday, April 20, 2013

Toddler Times

 DD#1 brought her little ones over yesterday with lunch to share with Kara
 It's not often they are all 3 setting still at the same time!
 Making silly faces is a new favorite thing for the little girls
 An making tents! Karsyn is under this one, but not for long, AJ the beagle is on to her tricks
 Mason's favorite toy for now is the Mother Hen. The boy can't get enough of watching her lay eggs.
The one and only thing I have gotten done in the last 2 days was to wash the kitchen windows inside and out. Can you spy that stinkin Kara in the window getting ready to pick the new flowers! Ha Can't take your eye off from her for a second!!

Super duper short post as I am on my way out the door to sit  DD#1's kiddo's for the evening after having Kara for most of the day. I did get in a short nap before the next round of toddlers but it was one of those wake up with a headache naps, GRRR might be a long night!!

Back tomorrow with a real post (I hope)


  1. They're getting so big!! :) have a great night!!

  2. Heck- this is the BEST type of real post!

  3. They are so adorable; I love seeing their pics. Never a dull moment in your life Debby. Hope your headache left before Shift 2 started with the toddlers.

  4. sweet little ones! mine make me tired too but they will be in school before we know and these daycare days at Grandmas will be over before we know it :(

  5. Your little ones are adorable! I love how sweet they about her picking your flowers! xo Diana

  6. They are SO adorable, what cuties :)

  7. Loved the photos of the little ones. Grandchildren bring so much joy dont they?

  8. Aww, they are adorable! I love the funny faces :)

  9. catching up on older are always so ahead of me!!! Love the back door that from Lowes???s

    Nice banner quilt too.

  10. Your grandkids are adorable! It's nice that they are all around the same age too! Growing up with cousins is fun! :)!

  11. Gorgeous photos of the little ones. They look like little scamps though and hard work........I get the impression they really keep you on your toes.......angels what would we do without them LOL!

    Many thanks for your kind comments on my previous posts. I'm so delighted you find time to visit.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)