Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Grand Friday

 Karsyn was the hit of the neighborhood yesterday in her new "Frozen" cape
I ran Velcro at the top of the binding for the closure and two bling buttons from my stash. I was worried Kara might be upset that I didn't have one done for her....She could have cared less. She isn't into dress up play, running around like a wild child is more her thing.
 Karsyn LOVES babies!!!! Poor little Blake was passed around like a hot potato yesterday.
No cookies, no problem. Playing with Blake was better than any cookie on the planet!!

Our girls are so funny!!! After just a few hours together yesterday they were both ready to pack up and leave as "It's just to loud and crazy over here" HAAA Try keeping them all at the same time and we will talk. They wonder why I look like something the dog drug in at the end of a day with all these blessings :)

I had planned on taking the weekend off. Even thought about maybe taking a short trip to the mountains to get away from the heat and just relax with my new book. OK so that didn't happen. Taking the weekend off to just be home...Not happening :) While the gang was all here yesterday a DEAR friend called. She had been having tummy troubles the night before, since things were getting worse in the morning she broke down and went to the Dr. An hour later she called back that the Dr was sending her to ER for some test as he didn't like what he was seeing. Her tummy troubles had nothing to do with the salsa she ate, it was her appendix!!

I am headed up to the hospital this morning to do the morning shift. I am a morning person unlike most of our friends, we plan on tag teaming her until she is out of the hospital so she will have someone around to make sure she is getting the care she needs. It's always something :) SOOO thankful she didn't put off seeing the Dr or things could have been much worse.

Here is a really COOL site for friends and family who want to help loved ones who are recovering at home!! Take them a Meal Someone set this up for our sweet little buddy Elijah, it's WONDERFUL!!! Instead of having to coordinate meals for the family with people you may not have in common they can just log into the site, pick a day that's best for them to bring in a meal, and they can even view the calender to see what others have already taken to them. LOVE THIS!!!

Just as soon as I find out Ms. D's food restrictions and her possible release date from the hospital I will be setting one of the Take them a Meal sites up for her.

Time for a shower and get this day started

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