Sunday, June 1, 2014

Quilting Sunday

 Tater Tot and his Mommy are finally home safe and sound!! Can you tell Papaw is in love once again.
 This pile of fabric has been transformed into a quilt top for sweet Elijah. Never would have thought our kitchen would be covered in Auburn fabric!! This is BAMA country!!
 This quilt is a make it up as you go along and hope for the best :) quilt. I needed lots of white space for Elijah's classmates to sign their names or write little notes of encouragement.
Also on the need To Do list is to finish up more pillow cases for he and any friends he makes while in the hospital for treatments.

My goal for today while there are no little ones around is to get Elijah's quilt finished. I somehow completed the quilt top this week between trips to the hospital, keeping up with the toddlers, and helping hubby get around. Last week was a blur!!!!!

After dropping Kara off to her Mommy and Daddy yesterday and getting hubby set up in his recliner I planned on sandwiching Elijah''s quilt and begin the quilting. Instead my body requested some sleep, request might be the wrong word, DEMANDED was more like it!! I gave into a 4 hour long nap, I would have slept longer but was afraid I wouldn't be able to sleep last night! No problems with that I sleep like a baby :)

I have the entire day (I think) to quilt the quilt. Just some simple meandering FMQ should do the trick. I would love to be able to have it to Elijah's teacher by Tuesday morning so her class has a full week to do their thing.

Monday will be a wild ride. Hubby will be headed back to TX, I will have all 3 toddlers, along with DD#3 and Blake. Since DD#3 can't drive Blake to his first check-up and Daddy has to get back to work the toddlers and I are in charge of their care for the day. Getting a fourth car seat in my car should be interesting today. Loading the kiddo's in for a ride is PAINFUL as I have to climb in the back end of the car and reach over the seat to buckle them in. Its not a pretty sight!! We can do this....

Poor little Blake has no idea what he is in for :) DD#3 has pain meds so she should be fine! ha

Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers as we welcomed grand #5 into our world. It's been a crazy week but we all made it. Only 10 more days of CRAZY before DD#1 is out of school for the summer then she can have her rug rats back full time.

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