Friday, June 13, 2014


How can it be that this little guy is already two weeks old!!!
I am meeting DD#3 this morning to help out with the kiddo's while Tater Tot has his 2 week check up. After that it's any ones guess as to how the day will go :) Kara may or may not spend the day. She has been all over the place as to what she wants to do since her little brother has joined the family. DD#3 may or may not want to spend the day hanging out at our house as she too seems to be trying to adjust with two little ones. I had her kiddo's yesterday morning while Mommy had a follow up EKG, her appointment with the cardiologist was scheduled for July. We were so hoping that the whole heart event was a thing of the past but after getting the results back the Dr wants to see her again before then :( She looks great, she feels great, but her heart is just not getting back to where it should be. Prayers for a FULL healing, inside and out
I have finished all I can do with DD#1 and getting her classroom in shape for the fall other than a few sewing projects she wants done for next school year. She and hubby will be out of town for a short 10th Anniversary getaway over the weekend. Since hubby's folks are down for the week I will be the backup if they need an extra pair of hands.
 DD#2 is at Liberty University this weekend working on her Masters. I can be of NO HELP to her! Ha
There might be a chance I will have a weekend alone....What to do, what to do?
I was going to post photo's of the options I have to choose from to work on over the weekend but.... my camera battery is dead. THANKFULLY!!
The past month has been so crazy. Each and every room in our home needs some serious TLC. Our banking and budget if you can even call it a budget any more needs some major work. The sewing room, kitchen, and laundry room have been taken over by fabric. The TON of wood mulch is sitting in the driveway waiting for me. The garden, oh my.
It's hard to decide where to put my energy for the next three days as there is just so much to catch up on. What I really want to do is wave a magic wand at it all then pack a bag for the mountains. :)
On a brighter note Elijah is home from the hospital after his surgery for his feeding tube. He has also finished his first week of radiation and is doing well. If anyone would like to follow along with his battle to beat this nasty stuff please join in on his FB page at  Prayers for Elijah.
It's time to drag my depressed, tired old body out of this bed and do something! Hope everyone has a great weekend

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  1. Before you know it you will be saying this little guy has turned 2 Years old !!! And with everything you have on the go, no wonder you are tired.