Friday, June 6, 2014

Do Some Good Today

Mission accomplished!! I have 20 new pillow cases to add to my Elijah stash!!!!

Elijah's family are givers, they are not a family use to receiving from others. That's why when I started working on the stockpile of pillow cases I have made 3 of each fabric. One for Elijah and two more for he and his family to share with other children on the cancer ward.

Right now Elijah is able to be at home but the time will come where he will have to stay for extended periods of time in the hospital. I know he will be so excited to pass out these pillowcases to others. Next week I need to gear up to make some extras for little girls :)

As I sat here this morning reading updates on Prayers For Elijah I decided today would be the perfect day for a  "Do Some Good" challenge.

I can't promise any blog candy right now as I am in over my head with family obligations as well as helping in many different ways to support Elijah and his family as is our whole family!! But I can promise you the feeling of giving will last you a lifetime. Lets all "Do Some Good" today

We can all find ways to do some good. Donate to your favorite charity, clean out that closet full of clothes that you will never wear and donate those things, have a kind word to the clerk at the check out line, compliment someone on their beautiful smile. Today "Do Some Good"!! PLEASE share with the rest of us in the comment section!!

I have never ask for money on this blog, I hope I will never have to! I have never sold anything on this blog, I hope that I can continue that practice. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with blogs that are an extension to ladies cottage businesses, heck I like to make purchases from some of them :)

  I do like to share many times the things our family does to give to others. Not for any praise, not for any At A Girls but to hopefully inspire others to find the joy in giving and sharing no matter how large or small. Prayers for others are free :), "Do Some Good" today.

Elijah's family has set up a donation site to help cover his medical expenses, if any of you see fit to donate to them I can assure you it will be greatly appreciated. The family does have health insurance but it will only go so far with his extended medical needs. I/we invite each and every one of you to join his Prayers For Elijah facebook page, pass it on to others, share with your church, add he and his family to your prayer list. Lets all "Do Some Good" with the help of our loving Father :)


  1. You are awesome! I know Elijah and his family appreciate everything you do!!!

  2. i knit baby blankies for charity daily..