Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spreading the Love

Yesterday was delivery day for so many different things! First off a project Linus meeting in the afternoon to drop off these 7 quilts along with many crochet blankets that had been dropped off to me. I hate, hate, hate driving in the city!! It took 2 and 1/2 hours to get to the meeting :( Once there I was so stressed out I bought a bag of chocolate covered peanuts for the drive home :) I had already let the coordinator know I wouldn't be staying for the meeting/sewing evening as I needed to be home before dark. Left the house at 3:00pm arrived back home at 8:00pm. grrrr

 The morning was spent finishing up pillowcases.
 Lots of pillow cases with yet more to do :)
 Next on the delivery list was a no sew Batman blanket with matching pillowcase for Sam, Elijah's little Brother. I wanted to make sure Sam had something to cuddle with while being at the hospital with big brother.
 A little something for GiGi, Elijah's Grandmother who is in from Alabama to support her Grandson and DD in any way she can. I found this cute hinged box at Tuesday Morning for a great price then filled it with blank Thank You cards and a few books of stamps. While I don't think anyone expects a thank you card for their outpouring of support for sweet Elijah it might come in handy on down the road. We old farts still like a written note rather than a FB post :)
Also made a batch of Angry Birds pillowcases for one of the boys Elijah's family meet during his last stay at the hospital. "Chris" is on his third battle with cancer :( He has been in the hospital for 7 weeks now after receiving a bone marrow transplant.

Last but not least DD#2 gave one of the teachers at her school a "Quilt of Valor" for his service after 9/11 in the Iraq war. He served two deployments after being called up by the National Guard. Her Seniors were pretty impressed two weeks ago when our congressman came to school to award him a medal for his service. It was fun to play a small part in helping these young adults thank one of the many men who are giving so much to keep us safe and free!!

Almost forgot the last of the deliveries. Elijah's Aunt Julie is always the go to Aunt for all things snack related at ballparks or any outings where kids are involved. She has been right by her sisters side from the second Elijah was diagnosed with cancer, going so far as to take and extended emergency leave of absence from her teaching job. I was surprised when Elijah was in the hospital the first time with his diagnosis of cancer that he didn't receive a hand made pillowcase. I quickly whipped one up for him then got busy working on more when I have found the time. I gave Aunt Julie a nice stock of handmade pillow cases for her Aunt Julie snack bag to pass out at the hospital to any of the boys or girls they meet on the cancer ward.  I sent a note to our local ConKerr coordinator this morning asking why the children's hospital didn't have any pillowcases as it seems I have donated a whole HECK of a lot of them this past year :)

So that was my day, the morning with my nose at the sewing machine the afternoon stuck in the car and the evening....siting on the sofa with AJ the beagle as thunderstorms rolled through. I thought the day might just end with NO new problems but....we were hit with a hail storm!! I haven't been out to see if there was any damage yet this morning. Oh please let the new roof be OK!!!

Off to DD#1 school today to help her move and set up her classroom for next year. We will be doing the grunt work today, organizing her supplies, books and all for the next school year. Decorating and fluffing the classroom nest will be done before school starts back in August. As long as I don't have to spend hours in the durn car it should be an OK day :)


  1. Debby, my heart ACHES for Elijah and all who love him and those of us who have not met him, but sincerely care. I read the June 6th entry on the facebook page and I can barely write this. I would SEW love to send you just a few pieces of prints for pillowcases. I do not know how to go about asking for your address in a discreet way. I have to go have a good cry and send a million prayers for Elijah and the other kids he has met and will be meeting on his journey -- and for you -- you just stun me with your generous spirit and giving nature.

    1. If you want to send me an e-mail I can give you are address.

  2. Debby you are amazing with the biggest heart!

  3. You are very very good at spreading the love...I still feel the love:)