Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Sweat Shop

 Before I switched over to working on the dresses for Haiti I finished up the last of the pillowcases I had started. Some for Birthdays
 And a few from outer space.
 Now it's full steam ahead on the Haiti dresses. I am about half way done with them. Adding the appliques are slowing things down a lot! I divided all of the pillow cases up into 3 sizes, small, medium, and large.
 Tater Tot hung out with me for a few hours so Mommy and Kara could have a play date with some friends. It's so fun to watch these little guys as their personality begins to show. He is beginning to track now. When he sees something new he raises his right eyebrow just a bit giving him an old man look as seen in this photo.
But mostly he sleeps :) I know the rule with newborns is to sleep when they sleep but....I can't help but just laying down with him and watching his every move. He is oh so sweet :)

I am ready for these Haiti dresses to be DONE!! The printed pillowcases look so much better than the plain ones that I am trying to dress up a little. Note to self only buy printed pillowcases next year!
I set a goal of having them in the mail by Friday. Not sure if I will make that self imposed deadline or not as it's slow going now that I am adding appliques to the plain ones :( I had thought about adding a lace ruffle to the bottom of the ones for little girls but the lace isn't on sale this week. Maybe when the new sales come out today I can add some, otherwise I am going with what I have on hand :)

Next up for the sewing machine is a "Frozen" cape for Karsyn. She has the costume and shoes but MUST have a cape. Kara wanted a new bird house to paint.Woohoo they were on sale for.72 cents this week. She loves bird's!!!  She will spend hours trying to sneak up on birds so she can put them in the bird houses to live. It's so fun to watch the little girls playing together and interacting with their very different personalities.

With the temperatures in the high 90's this week I can think of nothing better to do than enjoy the AC while sewing away. Summer is here for sure.


  1. Babies are so cute at that stag & he's a sweetie.

    Great bright pillow cases! Those dresses can work up plain but I added a 6 to 8 inch panel in the front to give it a lift and some I added a panel to the top for older girls to make them longer. I'm sure they'll be glad to get them no matter. Wide rick rack works and outside pockets.