Monday, June 23, 2014

Helping Hands

 The big kids surprised me Saturday with a suggestion that they come over early Sunday for dinner to help work on the PILE of wood mulch!!! Heck Ya, I have had so much going on for so long that I figured the wood mulch might turn out to be a fall project :) Unlike the other grands who worked for awhile then played, ate snacks, ran around like crazy people, Mason man stayed on task :) He worked that pile right along with everyone else for 3 long hot hours.
 2 yards of wood mulch are now spread in the grands play area. This should help keep the weeds down!
 Tyler's main job was to help out with Blake, oh how he loves babies :)
There is still plenty of wood mulch leftover for the garden. I have high hopes things will be back to normal this week so I can get some weeding done then lay a nice deep layer of mulch.

I was planning ahead on the meal front yesterday knowing we would be busy moving mulch before Sunday dinner. Yesterday was also my turn for meals on wheels for my buddy. By 9:00 AM I had Lasagna ready to throw the oven for our meal, herb chicken in the cock pot, and all of the sides cooked and tucked in the fridge for my buddy. It's just too stinkin hot to cook in the late afternoon :)

DD#1 called not long after that informing me the big boys wanted to start early to try and beat the heat of the afternoon. Works for me!! Everybody had their belly's full, covered in sweat, and out the door by 2:00. A afternoon shower and a long nap was on all of our must do list's. What a wonderful day! It would have taken me a month or longer to do what we all accomplish in just a few but very hot hours. LOVE THAT!!

Lots of running around this morning to get errands done hopefully before the heat builds up. Then...hours of organizing the desk, paying bills, filing, shredding, you know the drill. I feel like I can finally see a light at the end of this crazy 2 month tunnel of sickness and death's. We almost made it a whole week without any major emergency's before Friday when my friend got sick. This week NOBODY better have any problems enough is enough!!

Off to town I go, so much to do in one day :)

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