Saturday, June 14, 2014

Making a Plan

 I made room in the schedule this morning for some ME TIME to enjoy the beautiful morning sitting on the deck surrounded by flowers.
 Then it was on to finishing up pillow cases I had started yesterday. I am trying to keep a step ahead of the game by getting 4th of July cases done today. Hope this is boyish enough for Elijah :)
 The other set are cute dogs all decked out for the 4th. I was so excited to have found both fabrics on the 70% off table at one of the big box stores. With as many cases I am making the sales are a great help on the budget :)
 Lots more pillow case fabric's are waiting to be worked up but they will have to wait...
 I HAVE too get the pillow cases dresses for Haiti started and finished this week so I can get them in the mail for the Missionaries. Feeling a bit like a sweat shop around here lately!! 24 dresses at the cost of $2.00 each. I hope to use scraps to fancy them up a little, maybe even use fabric instead of ribbon for the ties so they will be more durable.

Break time!! Need to come up with a plan to get the pillowcase dresses done lickety split. I am thinking an applique to the bottom of the dresses might do the trick, possibly a ruffle on the bottom as well? With all that is going on around here there is not time to waste :)

This afternoon I will be taking Tyler and possibly Elijah to see "How to Train a Dragon 2" Elijah is still having a lot of pain from his feeding tube surgery this past week, along with the pain from the cancer in his neck...he is just not up to moving around too much right now :( If he can't join us today we are going to give tomorrow a try. Hopefully an additional day of rest will get him back on his feet :).

Off to shop from home for a few appliques that will add a touch of cuteness to these dresses


  1. Debby, I am cheering for you to get everything done and praying for healing for Elijah. I hope he feels up to the movie, an outing like that usually makes kids feel very happy.

  2. Can't wait to see the Pillow Case dresses. Elijah has been on my mind every day from his FB posts shared.

  3. lovely fabric..
    have a blessed sunday..

  4. Can't wait to see the dresses,Debby. I am so sorry for Elijah. God bless his little heart. It must be so painful to just watch him suffer. Blessed Sunday to you and yours- xo Diana