Sunday, June 8, 2014

Simple Sunday

 This is a really, really bad picture of Elijah and his Mommy (I need to learn the night settings on my camara) Friday night after his little brother Sam's baseball game, the team surprised the family with GC's for the family to use at various restaurants as well as a check to help with the costs of his upcoming medical treatments.
 Our Tyler, Sam, and big brother Elijah doing silly boy stuff after receiving their trophy's. We are praying hard that this time next year these boys will still be just little boys doing crazy faces for us.
 Last night DD#3 snuck out to bring Blake aka Tater Tot over for some Nanny time. I can think of nothing better to sooth a breaking heart than some cuddle time with a baby. The world seems to be just a little bit sweeter with a baby in my arms.
 At just 8 days old Tater Tot loves to be talked too :) He focuses on whoever has him never moving his eyes to hear the sound of voices. All we need around here is another little one jabbering away :)
Hubby felt good enough yesterday morning to hit the road back to TX. We keep telling ourselves it won't be long now before the project is complete and he will be back home where he belongs :) After getting him on his way I went on a shopping spree for fabric to make pillow cases for little girls. With the help of the every friendly clerks I was able to find more Boy fabric on the 80% off sale table :)

Yesterday I hit the end of my emotional rope :( For far to long I have been running on overdrive trying to keep up with all the life, death, birth, and illness situations that have come into our lives the past few months.

After doing some morning shopping for Elijah and his family my motor began to slow down finally to shut down all together. Everything seemed to be just silly and dumb. I logged on to FB to see what was up in our little world and began to get angry. Elijah has cancer.......I don't want to see posts of stupid stuff. Off the PC went, I will check out the news. Elijah has cancer....I don't give a rats ...who wins a dumb horse race. I just couldn't lift myself up from the funk.

After a long talk with our Lord I fell asleep. Three hour naps is not something I do!! But the energy just wouldn't come back, the tears won't stop. Having some cuddle time with just Tater Tot,  DD#3 and I couldn't even lift my spirits.

Before heading to bed I received a message from a fiend I haven't seen in what seems like forever. We use to visit often at scrapbook crops and our local store, exchanging ideas, supplies, and plans for the next albums on our gotta do list.

She wanted to thank me for sharing Elijah's story, his FB page, and his donation page. Her ladies prayer group and her entire church had all joined in on Elijah's prayer page. They were on fire for a little boy they have never meet, they were taking in every kind word from strangers sharing their love and prayers for this little boy. They were excited to see what Gods healing hand and the blessings little Elijah would be sharing with so many strangers. They were inspired by the out pouring of love and support Elijah and his family were receiving.

Elijah is just a little boy, he is a little boy with cancer. The kind words of a friend I haven't seen in too long woke me up.

Today I will use the gifts God gave to to do what I can. I will be cutting that pillow fabric like a wild woman. I will be sewing my brains out. When Elijah and his family enters the hospital Wednesday to have his feeding tube and chest port surgically place he will be going with a pile of pillowcases to share with others in the children's cancer ward. He will be waking up wrapped in the comfort of a new quilt signed by his 3rd grade class. He will be strengthened with the love and prayers of thousands of people who have never even meet him :)

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  1. sending prayers for Eljah and his Family. Take care and God Bless.