Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilt Adventures

 Still eating that elephant one bite at a time :) While cleaning up and organizing the charity room (spare bedroom) I realized I don't have a single quilt ready to donate to the Linus Project for next month. Last year I made a  beach quit like this for a friends Christmas gift. As seems to happen often I had way more fabric than I needed so before stashing it away I bought just a little extra to make up a second quilt top. I had forgotten all about until I was working in the charity room. One of the things I have noticed in all of the children charity organizations is tweens, and teens are often left out. I think the beachy quilt will work for both a girl or boy teen. On to the quilting!!
I didn't get far on quilting the beach quilt before DD#1 called to see if I could watch the toddlers for a few hours. Heck ya!! We braved the heat and mosquito's for some outdoor play before a storm started coming up. It turned out to be one of those nasty storms, wind, hail, thunder, lighting. Karsyn quickly told Mason man (she boss's him around all of the time) get Nanny's quilt we gots to hide from the "Funder storm" Of course Karsyn was being Karsyn, she peeked out at one point asking for snacks under their "Funder quilt".

I can think of no better way to get off track on my To Do list than hanging out with one or more of the toddlers. While having them every day is more than I can handle for too many days the every once in a while days are sooo fun :) After they left for the day I picked up the house. I was DONE.

If I can stay on task today I think I can knock the beach quilt out pretty quick doing some meandering FMQ. That along with the back pantry is on the Goal list for today. I hope to come up with and additional Teen quilt before our Linus project meeting next month. I know I have more than enough fabric in my stash to put together a girl quilt. Time will be the only hang up. Time seems to be the hang up with everything in life :)

One of the desk areas I got under control was the charity files. I have just been shoving receipts willy nilly here and there. There might still be some receipts in the disaster area (sewing room) but for the most part I think I have a handle on things. Funny thing about fabric is it's so easy to buy but it sure takes a whole lot of time to use it up. I know because I have the receipts to show I have bought a WHOLE lot of fabric. blush

Onward to the tasks of the day!!!

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