Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Play Time in the Kitchen

 I ran to the store yesterday morning in a hurry to get my car back so hubby could use it for a VERY important errand :) Of course since I was in a hurry everything seemed to slow my trip down. After manuvering around all the piles of boxes. they were restocking the shelves, I finally made it to the checkout counter. I knew I was in trouble from the get go, the clerk looked to be in her early 20's and not to excited to be at work that early in the morning. As I watched the prices come up when she scanned items I questioned why the sale price didn't show up. Her response, it might show up at the end of the calm. Bacon was BOGO, they rang up full price. Again I inquired as to why that was happening. Her reply, if there is a problem after you pay you can get a refund at costumer service. Oh I think not!!!! The real slow down started as she tried to ring up fresh veggies. She thought cabbage was lettuce, next question is this broccoli? She didn't have a clue what chard was nor did she know how to spell it, ditto on brussle sprouts. Finally we were done but....I refused to pay until I could see if the sale items had come off in the end, many had not. Then is when she got upset with me telling me I had to pay then I could go to customer service to get a refund. Nope not gonna happen, make the adjustment now! As I waved down the manager the eye rolling began, sure enough the scanner had missed $37.00 in sales!! Bless her heart I hope she will find a job soon that she likes, I don't think the grocery store is her cup of tea. Never mess with ladies who only buy on sale, we know what we are doing!! Ha
 Time to get a big pot of soup going Carabba's Sicilian Chicken Noodle soup, YUM. Local carrots were dirt cheap, 2 pounds for .69 cents. We will have Kara pull carrots this weekend but I knew we would need more than I had in her little garden. Lots and lots of slicing and chopping.
 I dusted off the dehydrator and put her to work, 8 pound of carrots will be ready to jar up this morning.
 The soup was out of this world good!!! In addition to supper for hubby and I we shared a nice size pot with a friend, DD#1, a smaller container with an additional friend and...3 meals are in the freezer for a busy day when I don't have time to cook. Of course you can't share soup without a fresh loaf of bread and a little for home :)
The cooking marathon ended with this Paula Deen's Carmel Apple Cheese Cake :)

Nothing could get me down yesterday, no matter what I was floating on cloud 9!!! You see Hubby needed my car to make a very important trip to Knoxville TN to pick up our buddy who had the horrific bike accident on September 20th, Praise the Lord!!!!! He still has a long road to recovery 6 to 8 weeks at least but he is alive and should be back to normal before to long :)

Second....Are you ready for this!!!!! Elijah will be coming home this morning!!!!!!! The words Cancer Free have not been used just yet but soon, oh so soon they will know for sure :) His Dr's. what can we say, they are unbelievable, the team of Prayer Warrior in the thousands were God sent for sure. The Lords healing hands.......yep they were on little Elijah every step of the way :)

Today there is a spring in my step that has been missing for way too many month's There are meals to be delivered, more to cook, and a house that hopes it's mistress will find the time for a little TLC. Not sure about the house cleaning but the rest, Ya baby I got that!!!


  1. Great news about your friend and little Elijah! God is so good!!

  2. Debby-What a wonderful day- even with the snafu at the register. God bless you whole family---praying for full healing from the bike accident and a full "cancer free" outcome. God bless. xo Diana

    ps Your soup looks wonderful. What a great idea for freezing it, too.

  3. That is wonderful news about your motorcycle friend and Elijah.

    Your soup looks delicious!

  4. Wonderful news about Elijah and your friend.

    Your soup looks so yummy!! Maybe some time you might post the recipe?

  5. Oh, I'm so glad he's coming back home!!! Such a sweet little boy!!

  6. And could you, please, share the recipe for this yummy-looking soup?