Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"To Go" meals overload

I took some time out yesterday for a sewing project I need as a gift. With the leftovers I made a small table topper for DD#1 breakfast room table. My girls aren't big fans of the table runners/toppers I quilt but they love the ones I make using canvas. This runner will be going to a young hip lady, figured I better go with what seems to appeal to that age group.
We had what I call fancy canned biscuits for Sunday dinner this week. One can wasn't enough but 2 cans were to many so I held back some of the dough for home made donuts last night for desert. Hubby was over the moon!! I haven't made these since our big girls were little. Here is how its done. Slice up some raw biscuit dough, drop them into a pan of hot oil (350) and cook until golden. Then toss in powder sugar or whatever else your family likes.
Our food stamp freezer is looking a mess with all the "To Go" meals I have been able to put back this month. Each time I open the door stuff is falling out. Grrr Yesterday morning was tidy up time.
I know the majority of food stamp recipients would not have a Food Saver however I can't send hubby off with all of my plasticware next week, in addition sealing everything up in bags will help things fit better in his cooler as well as last longer in the freezer.
This looks and works much better now that I have removed all of hubby's "To Go" meals. My "To Go" meals are still in here for when needed.

No post for 2 days!! How can that be? Sunday was non stop in the kitchen and around the house, then Hubby and Tyler hung out with me for the afternoon after their outing to the dinosaur exhibit. Can't think straight when they are around. Yesterday was catch up day for everything, house, laundry, pay bills, meet hubby at lunch, on and on till bedtime. Today is a new day with lots more gotta get done's, figure I better post while I have the chance!

Here is a list of the "To Go" meals I packed up yesterday for hubby while I was reorganising the fridge. The meals in red are leftovers from Sunday dinner so they are not from our food stamp money this month!
2 Pkg Pork Loin
2 Pkg Chicken legs/thighs
1 Pkg Chicken breast
2 Pkg Roast beef
1 Pkg Ham
1 Pkg Chicken broccoli pasta sauce
2 Pkg Salisbury steak
2 Pkg Veggie soup
2 Pkg Bean soup
1 Pkg Spaghetti sauce
3 Pkg Jambalaya
1 Pkg Chili
1 Pkg Cincinnati chili
2 loaves artisan bread
1 Pkg Garlic Cheese biscuits

Total of 14 meals from the food stamp challenge, 7 additional meals from Sunday dinners along with homemade breads. I will also do some baking before he heads out. Can't send he away from home without some goodies!!

I am tickled pink that we have so many extra meals from what I have been cooking this month using only our food stamp challenge money. We still have some money leftover to see us through the month that I will be using to shop on Thursday. If we were really living on food stamps this weeks shopping trip I would devote to doing some stocking up with whats on sale since we have plenty of leftovers in the freezer.

I love "To Go" meals!!! "To Go" meals are a lifesaver on nights I am not in the mood to cook, don't have the time, or we need something quick and easy so we can head out the door to a function. "To Go" meals keeps us away from drive though windows and long restaurant lines for over priced foods. "To Go" meals helps keep our monthly budget on track and allows for a little extra to move over to savings or to purchase things just because.

"To Go" meals are a waste of time and money if all you do is let them hang out in the freezer to eventually get lost in the crowd. Not so at our house. I keep all of our "To Go" meals in one area of the freezer, they are vacuum sealed and labeled so I know what I have.  Food Saver bags are pricey however I buy ours on sale which helps and in the long run a vacuum bag is a heck of a lot cheaper than stopping even for fast food.

Another long day around the house as I have soooo much on the must do list and Hubby has thrown a new long term plan at me that I wasn't expecting. I will be doing some BIG time number crunching over the next few days/weeks!!


  1. I'm inspired by your organization!

  2. really smart of you! and aargh! on the plan your hubby wants, but I am sure you figure out a way.

    the table runners are great! my DD would not need a table runner as their table is usually covered with stuff like laundry, piles of mail, etc. Good thing she does not read this :)

    1. HAA, I have one DD that is the same way,the other two are neat freaks!

  3. Debby- You are amazing~ You have done such a great job of this-you should offer some kind of classes locally to food stamp recipients ~ (as if you don't already have enough to do). Anxious to hear what your long term plans are that the hubster shot at you- xo Diana

    1. Thanks Nana, I do hope someday there will be a way to help families in just that way!!

  4. Those bags are great but slip slide out every time making it a big pain some days. I look at that Shamrock runner and think, I could have almost been a Patty.

    1. You are right about the vacuum packed bags having a mind of their own once you close the freezer door! Ha I contain the buggers so they don't get a way from me!!!

  5. Amazing, look at all those *to go* meals, you've done great :)

  6. Your freezer only proves that if you eat healthy, even as little money as food stamps amount, will give you not just enough food to eat every day but also to stock up for the future! Your hubby will definitely eat well while away :)

    1. Thanks Lena, being dirt poor once ourselves gave me a good road map!!

  7. You are truly awesome! Such an inspiration! :) I don't know much about food stamps, etc.. but are there programs out there to teach famililies how to use their food stamps to 'stretch' food stamps farther and cook healthy?? Look how amazing you're doing!

    1. There seems to be very little education for people who need it the most. Just handing someone a pre paid card is not doing the trick. It seems to be a mess that is growing in our country. So sad

  8. You are one very organized woman. You also sound like you might be a little kin to the energizer bunny. I thought I would share what I used to make for something sweet when my boys were little, I would take a piece of loaf bread and cut it in pieces, you coul leave the crusts on, and dip it in pancake batter, either homemade or bisquick, then deep fry. You could then dust with powdered sugar or glaze. They loved it

    1. You are talking my kinda snack Dortha!! Anything deep fried seems to taste better!! Ha

  9. I agree with the others Debby you should forward your blog onto the local food stamp folks to show them what could be done with the money they give out each month.

    Education is the key to these programmes and many people suffer from lack of it.

    Love the table runner,


  10. I have been following your blog through Sharon's blog, I love some of the great ideas you have in getting through life. When I read the part about the dough treats I had to laugh, I call these my zepoli's and I have made them for years for Holidays, my children thought I made them from scratch. They were in shock when I pulled out frozen bread dough, thawed it and fried it. Now they know my secret, lol.
    Thanks for sharing

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