Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thank You God and all of our Prayer Partners

 This is my life for right now. Loading toddlers in and out all day followed by evenings with DD#3 at the hospital. Bedtime is running after 2:00AM, mornings start at 6:00AM
 DD#2 has been wonderful filling in to help her sister in the afternoons until hubby and I can get there. She of course is madly in LOVE.
Papaw and Tyler are pretty taken as well. Our Tyler loves all these babies
What seemed to be just a normal everyday c-section turned out to be MUCH more than normal. Hubby and I have been going on 3 to 4 hours of sleep each night between keeping up with the little guys during the day and staying with DD#3 each evening. We are all trying to give her hubby a break as often as we can to at least get a bite to eat and shower :)
Kelli's heart rate has been as low as 31 since Tuesday evening. She was moved to the high risk OB ward after just a few hours on the regular maternity ward. It has been a nightmare I can tell you!! Seeing your DD hooked up to every machine imaginable, Cardiologist in and out every few hours a nurse who rarely left the room while, a sweet little perfect baby was sleeping in an isolate. There are just no words for the fear our family was in. We are all exhausted and thankful that Kelli has pulled through.
She will get to go home tomorrow with VERY limited activity for a few weeks. Lots of follow ups with the cardiologist for a few month's until everything is back within normal rage. They assured us she has had no heart damage, her heart is back to normal size, the fluids around her heart has now cleared.
She ate her first meal tonight since Monday evening!!!! There will be NO MORE BABIES FOR HER!!!!!!
She even felt good enough to name Tater Tot "Blake Robert" he will always be Tater Tot to me :)
 For the next few days/weeks my time will be filled with....big and little kiddo's, very little sleep and an emergency quilt that must be finished by Monday morning.
Oh ya and helping hubby get up and down from his chair to the bed. He gave in today and went to the Dr. He has a pulled muscle in his back. PT and pain meds are his new best friends.
To top the week off when we arrived home from the hospital last night lightning had struck our upstairs NEW AC unit. Thank you Lord that the company we bought it from somehow got it up and running tonight while we were at the hospital. We have no idea if it was a temporary fix or all is A-OK. They knew the situation we were in and were kind enough to come out after 8:00PM so we didn't have to move this circus to a motel.
OK it's almost 1:00AM I think it is time to call it a day! 

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