Monday, May 19, 2014

Long Time No Post

Things have been so busy lately with one or more of the rug rats I have had a heck of a time keeping up. A very RARE moment when Mason and Kara were sitting down!!
During my down time I pulled some leftovers from my fabric stash to keep my mind busy. Once again I am using a Kimerbell pillow pattern of the month to convert it into a table runner.
Just added a few more inches to the background and side sashing to lengthen it.
Now that it is complete I think I should have used a brighter yellow for the rain boots. There is always a next time :) Creating Yo Yo's for the flowers and hand sewing the binding kept my mind and hands busy during the past few very stressful days :(
Yesterday was devoted to yard and garden work. With temperatures in the low 70's I was kicking butt and taking names until....I turned my knee in an odd not suggested manner that put me down as in on the ground. After 3 hours in the ER I am now in a leg brace with crutches for the next few days until the swelling goes down enough to have an orthopedic MD evaluate what is going on :( This I did NOT need!!!!

When I am stressed and upset I first go to the vacuum cleaner. Maybe its the noise that drowns out the thoughts running through my head. The physical workout and end results of a sorta clean house helps as well. Sitting at the sewing machine losing myself in creativity is another go to stress reliever. Working like a farm hand in the helps. Well that is unless you do something stupid like messing your knee up :)

Why all the stress? A very good friend was involved in a horrible accident May the 4th. His car was hit by a hit and run driver. He sustained a grave brain injury. leaving him in a coma and on life support.

 On May the 9th a miracle happened. He opened his eyes on command. He looked around the room, seeing all 4 of his adult children.  He responded when ask if he wanted his wife to stay the night by shaking his head yes, grabbing and squeezing her hand.

 The Dr's were astounded. He shouldn't have been able to have any function at all. That was the last response he ever showed. His condition continued to deteriorate.

They police finally found the hit and run van and driver who caused the accident this past Friday evening. Seven hours later Silvio left his family.

The Dr's still say it was a miracle he ever regained consciousness. Yep, miracles do happen.  I do believe God blessed this man with one last chance to see his wife and children before going to heaven his new home....

Our hearts are broken for this wonderful family but I find comfort in knowing in every crises in our lives God does give us all blessings.


  1. Very sorry, Debby, for the loss of your dear friend. I do agree that God gives blessings in the midst of trials. Praying you find comfort during this time of sorrow. Praying you recover quickly from your mishap in the garden.

  2. So so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Sending warm thoughts to you. So very sad.

    Hope you recover quickly from the garden injury. Janie