Monday, May 5, 2014

Spend, spend, spend, then spend some more :(

 My HUGE spring/Summer project is to kill all of the ivy around the house. Talk about a job!! I have been working this bed off and on for 3 weeks. Round up, hedge trimmers, saw, tree loppers, then rake and rake. There is bark on some of the vines :(
 You need the right tools to tackle a job this big. My deceased Mother In Laws rake that has to be 60  years old (I think older) was just not doing the trick. I am now the proud new owner of a heavy duty rake that we can put in the will for one of our own DD's
 While I was at it I sprang for a new leaf rake. Ours was put to the curb last fall. Ouch, yard equipment is pretty costly.
 The spending was not done yet. DD#1's neighborhood was having a garage sale this past weekend. She saw this Step 2 swing set on their community FB page for $100.00!! Sold!! I have had my eye on one just like it but at a price tag of over $600.00 it wasn't gonna happen. Our SIL's had lots of help getting it assembled yesterday afternoon.
The grands swarmed it like a flock of vultures once the last bolt was in place.
I feel like I have a spending hangover this morning! Ha Not only did I purchase all of the above I also picked Kara up a Step 2 Garden playhouse for $30.00 at DD's neighborhood garage sale. I think Kara's playhouse sells for a bit over $200.00 (maybe more) The toys for the grands were both super deals, the lawn equipment not so much but it was badly needed.
Our spring spending spree is killing the budget. The regular auto savings is still in place but there hasn't been anything extra stashed in a long time :( I have a goal of NO EXTRA spending this week!! Really and truly it's beginning to get out of control. With a new grand due to join the family at the end of the month I have to cut back. New babies always need stuff, no matter how well equipped the nursery is something pops up.  DD#3 has assured me everything is in place for grand #5's arrival, time will tell.
On the agenda today? Trip to goodwill to donate books from the bookcase that is finally finish!! I need to stop running around and stay focus on the 101 must do's for spring. Drag all of the Project Night Night supplies out of the spare bedroom so I can finish getting them assembled and delivered this week.
 Last but not least today will be my first visit with the knitting/crochet group. I have practiced each evening with u tube but I know I am doing something wrong. I just can't figure out the tension deal. My stitches (is that what they are called?) are so tight that I can't make more stitches after the turn (is that what it's called?) I'm as nervous as a kid on the first day of school! How silly but true.

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