Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sewing from the Heart

 Once Kara left for the day I got busy on some marathon pillow case sewing. I had to repeat to myself many, many times. Don't think of why I am sewing these, just focus on the smile it will bring to Elijah's little face.
We wanted Elijia to have a quilt to cuddle with once he comes out of his biopsy surgery sometime today (Sunday) But that just could not happen so fast. Tyler loves these no sew tie blankets, this will have to do for now. First on my list today is to get this blanket completed.

Kids do the darnedest things. Kara is a firecracker!! The girl has more energy than the EverReady bunny. Taking her on errands can be a challenge as she seems to have more arms than an octopus, and quick, Oh my!!! But yesterday....she amazed me with her best manners ever, sweet disposition, and no touching as we went on an emergency fabric shopping trip.

None of us slept Friday night after receiving the news regarding Elijia. I dreaded going fabric shopping with Kara Saturday to pick out the just right fabric for Elijia, she can be so exhausting :) With it being race week and a holiday weekend the traffic was going to be a nightmare. The quilt shops were going to close at 1:00 Saturday due to the holiday and race traffic not to reopen until Tuesday. There was no putting the trip off :(

I said a tiny prayer before we left. "Lord you know I need to do something special for our sweet Elijah. Please give me the strength to get this done" And he did!!!!!

First stop the big box store to buy super hero pillowcase fabric and fleece. We were the first and only customers in the store. The two ladies working jumped into action helping me pull fabric once I told them what I was working on. We left with our fabric in no time at all, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. It's just too hard to say the words "Elijah has cancer" without busting into tears.

Second stop was the quilt shop that I knew had University of Auburn fabric, his favorite football team. Once again my side kick was someone I didn't know!! No touching, running, climbing, you know the drill. They only had one print of Auburn fabric :( What to do what to do???? It's hard to thing fast with no sleep or a pattern along with a toddler in toe. One of the ladies in the shop use to teach with our DD#1 before she retired, her sons went to high school with DD#2 and 3. She knew right off that something was very wrong. I explained the quilt I had in my mind, the way it would be used and the reason, the tears just wouldn't stop. In a skinny minute she pulled together fabrics that should work with the Auburn print and the backing to boot. We were on our way.

I realized when I sat down last night to begin tieing Elijah's blanket that it was 12:00. Where did the day go? The blanket was left draped over my chair, I needed sleep!!

Hubby will arrive home later today to welcome Grand baby #5 into the world Wednesday. The house is a mess, nothing has been baked, we are out of milk, the kitchen is covered in fabric. When he called last night to let me know he was off the road for the night I warned him what he would be walking into :) His only concern was what size tee shirt Elijah wears as his stop over was in Alabama. He might be home a little later than planned as he will be shopping this morning for Tyler's BFF.

I thank God this morning for the strength he gave me and the sad but beautiful day yesterday. I thank God for putting a man in my life that has a heart of gold. I thank God this morning for healthy children and grand children. I thank God this morning for a good night sleep last night. I thank God this morning that his healing hands are on Elijah from the prayers of family, friends, and strangers near and far.

May you all have a wonderful Sunday and holiday weekend. An extra prayer for Elijah would be so greatly appreciated


  1. We started the morning with prayers for Memorial Day and special prayers for the sick...I included Elijah so many prayers went up for him today. I know a little girl who had cancer in the spine. She used a neck pillow instead of a pillow. She didn't put it around her neck. She laid on it. The top supported her head while the split for the neck allow on pressure on the spinal cord. Just a suggestion in case you want to surprise him in the future with something. It's great Grandpa will be home to support Tyler...grandpa's just know what to say. Your joy will come with the new get some rest. How's the leg? You seem to have put your own problem aside...I'll be thinking of you all through the sorrow and the joy...

  2. I am so sad to read about Elija. Prayers and doctors will do amazing things and I am praying for the best possible healing.

    This sure puts all those little things we fret over in true perspective, doesn't it?

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry about Elijah! He's definitely in my prayers!