Thursday, May 1, 2014

Boring or Real Life

Lena over at Frugal and Thankful got me thinking yesterday about blogging. I have been slack lately on keeping up with this blog. Is it because of all the extra work in the yard now that spring has sprung? Maybe all the BD's, Easter, Spring break, going or doing for the big and little kids? The fact that the sewing machine has been sitting idle for longer that it has ever been for years? I haven't tried any new recipes or techniques in the kitchen in what feels like forever? Do blogger's have to post only inspiring, creative, life changing posts? Is just everyday life that isn't always neat and tidy OK? I sure hope so!! This is our kitchen counter, its boring....I can't seem to get it cleaned off. I make a little dent every day in the mess to only add more stuff by the end of the day. This is my life right now.
 Piles of mail each requiring work :( Phone calls to our health insurance, follow ups on different things, calls to hubby over what should be saved, what can be pitched that comes in for him. This is life right now.
 Our desk that has even more piles that need to be dealt with. Lots of filing, papers that may or may not need to be saved, things to shred. This is life right now.
 As you can see by the dust on our desk that I can write on I haven't spent any time at our desk in quite some time! Ha In my defence our desk sits right next to a window that has been wide open for weeks. Pollen in the south can be a real bugger (you should see my car). BTW I did dust the desk after taking this photo, went all out and dusted the whole room!  This is life right now.
 A bookcase that I started organizing weeks ago. Piles of books still sits waiting for me. I can't decide what to keep or what needs to move on. We need more book storage but where to put and additional bookcase? Besides the fact I don't want to spend more money!! The spending is out of control. This is my life right now
Piles of wood chips that a contractor left along the creek bank that flooded last year. The flood took out our neighbors 2 heat pumps and flooded his crawl space. It got as far up as our deck :( With 2 brand spankin new heat pumps that I waited on for 2 months in the sweltering heat last year so we could save $2,800.00 in rebates I was freaking out over these two huge piles of wood chips (photo doesn't do justice to the size) Grr.. The weather man has been predicting 3 to 5 inches of rain each day for 3 days you can beat a whole heck of a lot of these wood chips would have ended up in the creek causing an expensive flood. Thank goodness the weather man got that one wrong!!  What to do? Figured I had better make an unplanned trip to our insurance agent to get his opinion on adding flood insurance to our policy. Long drawn out costly expense I will share later over flood insurance. Even if we decide to add the rider it wouldn't kick in for 30 days. I took the photo just in case the wood chips cause a flood. Somebody other than ME should have to take care of the damages. Calls to the city, followed up by e-mails and photo's they requested took up  a large chunk of time I wasn't expecting. This is life right now.

Real life is getting in the way of much progress these days. Taking time out to deal with the little and big things that pop up takes a toll on my ever growing To Do list. This is real life. Not at all inspiring, nothing to learn, not much too share other than real life can be messy, frustrating, down right boring, sometimes expensive, but it's real.

Please bare with me while I tackle my boring real life. I hope that in the very near future I will call a Nanny time out to refresh my battery with some fun stuff.


  1. there is just lots to do! whenever you blog, I'll read. there is plenty of just mundane, have to take of stuff at my home too.

    but I am actually doing some sewing today as I have 4 days in a row with no grands.