Saturday, May 3, 2014

Never too Old to Learn? Will See About That

 I have joined a crochet/knitting group that meets each Monday to make blankets for Hospice. So excited!! The problem is I don't know how to do either one :) I have been assured by my friends that  crocheting and knitting is super easy to learn and not too costly to get started. My first purchase was a how to book with hooks and stuff that I have no idea whats for, a pattern book on dish cloths, and some yarn. So far so good.
 After Kara left yesterday I thought why not spend the evening getting started so I won't look like a tea total loser when we meet Monday. With the how too book propped up on a TV tray it began
 Maybe U Tube videos would be better as I wasn't getting the hang of it from the book :)
I gave up after a few hours and a chain a mile long that is just not right. I ache all over, shoulders, fingers, hands, neck, back, you name it I got a pain in it!!!

Oh what was I thinking????!!!

I don't know if I have mentioned that some weeks ago I became a Linus coordinator/drop off spot. The closest Linus drop off/charter is an hour long city drive from our home, grrrr After making contact with the coordinator to drop off my quilts she ask if I would become the contact for the area north of the city. Heck ya, I don't mind at all. Once a month I will deliver everything collected to the monthly meetings and help sew on tags to distribute quilts/blankets with a SUPER sweet, giving, fun bunch of ladies.

The very next day I received an e-mail from a lady that had blankets to drop off, COOL!! She donated the most beautiful knitted baby blankets, aww so pretty. I thanked her for her beautiful donation then of course we got talking, Ha She belongs to a knitters group that  makes blankets for Hospice. Since most of the blankets needed are for adults she likes to use up the leftover yarn for baby blankets. I have always wanted to learn to knit or crochet but just haven't taken the time to learn. She encouraged me to try "It's so easy!" (YA RIGHT)

Durn if I didn't get a call just a few days later from another lady for a drop off. She too belonged to the same Hospice group, her blankets were out of this world pretty. (I now was catching the crochet bug) She too encouraged me to join assuring me the group would teach me all I needed to know.

Hummmmm. After thinking it over the past few weeks I thought why not. The ladies I had meet were as nice as they could be, they had hearts of a giver for sure, and seemed excited to share their talents with a rookie like me. I sent an e-mail letting the leader know I would like to give it a try, what did she suggest I purchase. The response back was bring nothing, they were all willing to share what they had. Aww too sweet.

I felt like I should at least have some knowledge of the basics before I joined in for my first meeting next Monday. I have friends who just knit/crochet away while they talk, laugh, watch TV, ride in a car, it looks like such a soothing thing to do. NOT!!!!!! Holy Moly I may be in way over my head! I put an SOS out yesterday evening on FB for help.

DD#2 called a bit later, "Mom what are you doing now?" I explained to her my goal and the reasons for joining in with a group of experts but I was now questioning my sanity. Maybe I should just buy a pile of yarn too donated to them and call it quits. She reminded me that she knew how to crochet. I had forgotten all of the beanies and scarfs we  received as Christmas gifts when she was in college... blush

I think I am more nervous about our DD#2 teaching me than total strangers!!! DD#2 is a take no prisoners kinda gal. She was an All American athlete in college, coached 4 sports when she began teaching in high school, and is now finishing up a masters in Education Administration. She is scrappy to say the least. We are going to have to have some ground rules before we begin! I am still the Mommy and you better be nice to me!! Ha

For all you knitter/crocheters out there is it really as easy people are letting on or have they sucked me into something that is going to drive me over the wall!!


  1. I think it is easy for some people, my mom is the queen of crochet. I know how to do a few stitches but I just don't enjoy it.

    Hope you learn lots and like it!

  2. Ps I would love to see photos of the donated things from other crafters :)

  3. Crochet is easy "if you like it", like with all things. Your hands will get stronger as you go along but don't expect to be using them after a lesson in the beginning. I like to knit better but I think it is harder to learn. If you don't like it, buying the yarn and saying goodbye might be the better option.

  4. I can crochet if nothing else, so if I can do it Debby I sure know you have my vote of confidence that you can too !

  5. you can do it...its easy, fun once you get the hang..

  6. What, there is something you don't know how to do?? :) It will get better, I promise. I wish I had more time for knitting and crocheting. I really miss it... Oh well, maybe when kids are in college...

  7. Just let the ladies teach will be easier than reading a book! You can use the book for reference when the ladies aren't around! The ladies will LOVE teaching you as well! It will be fun to watch your progress! I love to knit and crochet; it's how I relax:)