Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Girls Know Me So Well

 I'm so excited to have a new bird house except for the fact some assembly is required :). Hubby has an additional Honey Do on his list to get this house up and ready for some cute Martins to move in.
 Flowers......I love flowers, not the fancy kind that are all matchy matchy. I love the ones that could be picked in your own back yard or along the roadside.
 Just look at those Peony's. Love them!! Mine have 3 buds this year, when the time is right you can bet I will cut them to put on the table where I can enjoy them all day long.
 So many flowers that I was able to make an additional small bouquet for the kitchen counter
I checked this peony as soon as I got up this morning to see is she had bloomed :)

These are a few of my Mothers Day gifts. Our girls use to buy things for me that were very nice (pricey too) but so not me.  I am simple. Over the past few years they have figured that out!!

DD#1 ask a few weeks ago what I would like for Mothers Day. I knew just what I wanted for a change. A Purple Martin house, they are at the big box store, first isle to the left and the end of the isle stacked on the corner. :)  MOM!!! That's not a good gift, how about a day at the spa? What the heck would I do at a spa all day? She was so excited......you can have a massage, sit in the sauna room, relax at the pool all day, enjoy a bit to eat, have a drink, it would be wonderful.

I am thinking...... Take my clothes off for a stranger who wants to push, pull, put smelly stuff on my body that's sure to give me a headache. Sit in a sauna with other half naked ladies sweating like pigs. Lay around a pool in a fluffy robe when it's 80 degrees (again half naked). Eat little finger sandwiches when what I really want is chicken and dumplins, and a hunk of chocolate cake. Sip drinks......But I don't drink.

I passed on that idea!! But I am happy to report SIL#1 got DD#1 that spa package for Mothers Day. She and her friends will have a ball. I will be happy to watch the kiddo's while she goes on her "Girl Time" day.

Super busy day today. Mason man will be hanging out with me followed by an evening with "Project Linus" group.

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