Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

 It seemed fitting to post something red, white, and blue today. I have been thinking I should use my tiny scraps for some good. Here is the first pile of scraps .... red, white, and blue.
 While I am not up to digging, pushing, pulling, or planting in the yard yet with my bum knee I can garden shop :) The birds have already hit my new scrap nest building container pretty well. Kara ran in the other day to tell me  "De Burds, getting your sewing Nanny" :)

The scraps come from this new table topper I finished sometime last week.
 I am likeing this simple shadow quilting, sew easy to do.
I have had the backing fabric in my stash for awhile now thinking it would be great for backing a "Quilt of Valor"  quilt. I decided it's a bit to girly to use on those quilts. I am going to have some fun using up this yardage!!

Hubby arrived home yesterday afternoon just in time to unload his truck before heading to DD#1 home to baby sit her 3 kiddo's. With the death of our good friend this week, the devastating news of Elijah, stupid knee, and a new baby on the way I was in no mood to cook dinner for us all. We loaded the grands in my car for a trip to Sonic to enjoy hot fudge sundaes for supper :) They so LOVE us!! Ha That's the good part, the bad part is giving kids all that sugar before bedtime wasn't such a great idea :) Sure hope they sleep in this morning or Mommy and Daddy are not going to love us so much today :)

Hubby and I are headed out to meet up with friends this morning for breakfast before working on the "Poor Bob To Do" list I have been adding too this month. For the most part I will be the supervisor :)

I gave up on the leg brace after reading up on knee injury's at Web MD. Might I be a little blunt this morning? Ain't nobody got time for this S... the brace just had to go. Sure hope Web MD know whats what regarding therapy as I will be doing it at home on my own.

Hubby and I will have all 4 grands for most of this week as Elijah's Mommy was the full time sitter for DD#1's kiddo's. We will have Kara day and night while DD#3 is bringing our next grand into the world on Wednesday. My sister is watching DD#1's for us on Tuesday so we can work the "Poor Bob" list as some of it can't be put off for another month or longer. DD#2 was assigned to DD#3 with the new baby's care and recovery for Mom. It seemed like as good a plan as we could come up with until....DD#2 is down with shingles once again.!!!! Holy cow.

As it stands now we will have the 4 grands, new Mommy, and new baby boy until at least the end of next week when the back ups arrive. DD#1's In Laws had planned a week long trip that week to watch the kiddo's while mommy finished up the teacher work days along with she and hubby had a weekend getaway to celebrate their 10th anniversary planned.

It's going to be a CRAZY 14 days to say the least!!When I get in a bit of a panic I remind myself we have our sweet blessings with us safe and sound. They are not laying in a hospital bed in the children's cancer ward :(  God will give us the strenght to pull this off. It might not be pretty, it won't be easy, and there may be more meals of ice cream sundaes but we can do this!

Update on Elijah....The Dr's are still running a battery of tests to determine the type of cancer and stage he has along with the treatments that will be needed to beat this ugly stuff. They have told Elijah and his family to be prepared for a 6 month stay or longer :( BUT they believe he can beat this nasty stuff.  DD#1 and Tyler will be delivering goodie boxes for his Mommy and Aunt Julie today with cuddly blankets, new PJ's and chocolate. Elijah has a box full of happiness that their neighbors have dropped off at DD#1's home the past two days. The best news of all for now is he ate a corn dog yesterday!! That's the first food he has had since Thursday night, It was a good day :)


  1. LOVE your runner!! Your birds are going to have the best looking nests in the state! ;) lol!! Prayers for sweet Elijah!! xo