Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Off for ME!!

After breakfast yesterday morning Mason and I had some Nanny and me time at the park. He is getting to be such a big boy now.
Next stop was the home improvement center for more supplies and a flower pot for Mason man. While he did enjoy his time in the dirt his very favorite thing was...
A spray bottle of water. With each addition of dirt it had to be sprayed so it wouldn't be "durdy" any more
He even gave me a spray or two which I didn't mind at all as stinkin hot as it was!!
He finished up his new flower pot with yet more spraying, the flowers were "durdy too"

I had thought I just might get these tomato plants in the ground yesterday but...Nope didn't happen.

I am taking a day off!!! Once I give the house a lick and a promise its going to be all about me. Phone off the hook, lock the doors, shut the blinds, ain't nobody home!!  Maybe some sewing time, maybe a book, a nap for sure!!

I am so sore all over from this yard and garden work that I can hardly lift my arms. My hands have way to many blisters from the new rake....whats that all about I wonder.

No working in the 90 degree heat for me toady, it's central air conditioning all the way!!!!

Anybody else need to check out for the day? Join in by all means!!!


  1. Great pictures, Debby, and I hope you enjoy your day off! It is good to do that every once in a while! xo Diana

  2. At first I was thinking that you gave him a bottle of Windex :) I was like, wow, she's brave :) Enjoy your "me" day!!