Monday, May 12, 2014

We Dig Dirt

 Kara and I have spent the last few days playing in the dirt. She Loves, Loves, Loves flowers. Having a flower garden of her own is teaching her why we Don't pick flowers! As soon as she arrives at our house she runs out to check her flowers, wants to make sure nobody has picked them.
 There is sure to be a dramatic ending to everything she accomplishes. Not sure how all this drama is going to go over when she starts pre-school :)
 She worked on a new pot of flowers Saturday for her Mommy, 100% all by me self.
 Unfortunately Mommy didn't get the pot of flowers for Mothers Day. Kara decided she needed them for her own picnic table :) All was A-OK, Mommy was happy to have event captured in photo's. After all it's the thought that counts.
 I spent Mothers Day digging this pot of Ivy out of the bed of ivy I am cleaning out in the front yard. Holy cow what a job!!!! This is my 4th Sunday working on that bed of ivy, talk sore muscles, oh my
This is a sample of the size of roots from the ivy. Can you tell it was happy and thriving in its bed?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!!! I spent too much time in that bed of ivy yesterday before going to dinner with the big and little kiddo's. My body began to feel the effects once I got my belly full, it was a very early bedtime to say the least. Project completion date? I hope before I kick the bucket :).

My plan of action was to have the bed cleaned out for the most part before hubby arrives home to meet our newest grand. Figured he could finish off the job for me with his fancy high powered tiller. After seeing the size of the roots in this photo yesterday he let me know that the tiller will not be able to cut through those roots. A shovel it will have to be :( First on today's TO DO list, killing ivy roots  the easy way. Sure hope goggle doesn't let me down!!

A trip the the garden center then planting at least part of the garden is up next. By now we should be eating lettuce, radishes, onions, and cabbage fresh from the garden. Maybe next year I can get it all in at the correct time. This year I will be happy to get anything planted, keeping it up once it's done might be a pipe dream with a new little one on the way. Thank goodness for local farmers!!

Mr. No Name Grand #5 will be arriving in just two short weeks!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on that baby boy. Once he arrives I know all things home and garden related will end. This year I have to be willing to just go with the flow! Ha


  1. Nothing sweeter than a brand new grandbaby!

  2. I will be digging in dirt tomorrow. finally, no rain in the forecast... Sounds like you had an enjoyable Mother's Day :)