Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Marking Off my List

 Check out this cute find from the "Dollar Tree". Canvas bags in fun summer fabric each for.....well $1.00.
 I had a chance to use the first one yesterday for one of Tyler's teacher appreciation gifts. Just added her first initial to the bag along with water/soda bottle cozies.
 After a morning of running the roads it was time to tackle the next Must Do on my long list. One of our spare bedrooms has been taken over by charity projects.
 I have got to get this room cleared out. It's making me crazy!! Linus blankets, Haiti dresses, cuddle blankets for the Humane Society, the biggest piles are for Project Night Night.
 I loaded most of the Night Night items in my car then headed to DD#1's home last night. I wanted to get help assembling them with Tyler. I had planned for this to be one of our Spring Break activities but that week got away from us :(
Karsyn and Mason had to get in on the photo op after their baths last night. 20 more Night Night totes are complete!!
I hate running around!!!
1.) Post office - Check
2.) Goodwill - Check 
3.) Drop off book to share with ladies at the fabric store (BTW I didn't buy a single thing!) - Check
4.) Pick up meds - Check
5.) Dollar store run for DD#1 - Check
6.) Mothers Day gift for friend - Check
7.) Car wash - Check
8.) Vote in primary - Check
I did fortify myself with a health breakfast and an extra cup of coffee at a local Mom and Pop restaurant before tackling the day. :)
Once home I kept on keeping on without a break until the Night Night goodies were loaded in my finally CLEAN car. I have got to get the spare room/charity storage area cleaned out!! It's making me crazy with all those piles taking over the entire room. If I don't get hopelessly lost today I will deliver the first round of bags to one of our homeless shelters. Sure wish I had a co pilot that could read my chicken scratch directions!!
Once home again I will continue to work the piles and piles still in the spare bedroom. The Linus blankets will be delivered next week at our monthly Linus meeting. Cuddle blankets with dog treats, maybe later today. Haiti dresses are a WIP, not needed until the end of July. I need to put a whole lot more thought into the Haiti dresses but until I get the room cleaned out my brain is just to cluttered to think about them!!
Once I can find the floor, bed, dresser, and such it's spring cleaning time!! With grand #5 due to arrive at the end of the month I have to get this house back in order. At least this room will stay clean other than what I hope won't be too many piles of charity work as it's very rarely used.
I can not remember the last time I was this late in spring cleaning :( A friend had her home done a couple of weeks back, top to bottom for $300.00. It honestly sounded like a good deal to me however nobody could clean around all the piles that have accumulated over the winter. Might as well do it myself :(
It's hard to get anything completed as I seem to be messing with the big kids, grands, running errands, and charity work so much that I can't just dig in to do a room top to bottom. Its more like do a little area here and there with nothing totally done :(.  By the end of the day I am DONE IN, no energy to pull an all nighter any more! Ha
Is anyone else struggling to get their house in order this spring?


  1. Love the Dollar Store bags! Question: did your friend use a commercial service or a private person to have her home cleaned? I've been thinking about having someone do mine! (did it include windows?)

  2. Love seeing all you are doing!
    Yes, there is a yard sale pile in our bedroom that is growing and may make me nuts, if my inlaws don't really make me crazy sooner :)

  3. Ugh, I feel like our house will never be cleaned or organized. I clean one thing and add 3 more to my to-do list, and it's just a vicious cycle...

  4. What wonderful things to litter a spare bedroom with!!! You are so sweet and your heart is HUGE! You inspire me to give more! Thank you for that:)