Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sew Fun Day

 What could be more fun and relaxing than to play with fabric scraps and a new to me 4th of July pattern on my day off.
 Cutting out the fabric took the longest on this project! I have so many bits and pieces of red, white, and blue scraps from "Quilts of Valor" donations to use up.
 I used this Pillow pattern from "KimberBell" While I think the pillow patterns are super cute I decided to make a table topper for DD#1's kitchen island using the small pillow pattern "Freedom".
 This pattern is so easy to follow and super quick to make. Of course I can't seem to leave patterns As Is! I expanded the base white fabric to measure 24x15. The scrappy borders I enlarged to 4 1/2 inches. This should be the perfect size for DD#1's island.
Now that it's complete and I still have the American fabric pulled out I think I will whip one up for me. Humm, may even work up the Flag pillow pattern for a table runner.

Those plans are on hold for now since I have the drama queen and Mason man for the day. Keeping up with these two will keep me plenty busy enough.

Storms, tornado's, and flooding, have us home bound for the rest of the day :( I was brave enough to take them out for breakfast this morning. We needed (I did at least) a hearty something in our tummy's to face the day. A rare cup of coffee for me was in order as well!! 

Mason was and unexpected but nice addition to the day. When Mommy tucked him in the bed last night he told her "I go to Nanny's house to help her plant in de morning" How could I say no?

A  LOUD game of hide and go seek is in progress right now. Mason has a heck of a time with hid and go seek as he can't help but to fall down belly laughing when it's his turn to hide.

Off to the races with these two little buggers

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  1. Love your American mat. Your grandchildren are so cute!!!

    Enjoy, Janie