Thursday, January 8, 2015


 I know you ladies up North think those of us in the south are crazy when we get these little Arctic blasts. Our homes, plumbing pipes, and bodies are just wired for sub zero tempetures!! I brought in extra firewood yesterday knowing the wood stove would be going all day. By the end of the week I am not looking forward to the itchy dry skin that goes along with all this :)
 I am in a group challenge this month with some friends to do one RAK. I decided on cuddle blankets for our no kill animale shelter. Delivered a dozen cuddles to the drop point off yesterday afternoon..
 This might sound a little off but I always feel my Grandmothers presence when our kitchen windows get all steamy in the winter. I can remember sitting at her kitchen table playing with my sister knowing when the windows steamed up something yummy was happening
 Another winter compfort for me is washing dishes by hand in a hot sink full of bubles
 While waiting on a pot of potato soup to finish up yesterday I tackled the never ending pile of recipes cut out, jotted down, pulled from the internet, etc.  A few needed to be added to my cook books as they were keepers, some needed to be tossed as they were not our favorites, and a whole bunch needed to be sorted and tried soon. I picked 5 that I WILL try this month.
 I make bread...lots and lots of bread but I catch myself every now and then pulling out my cook book to make sure I remember the recipe just right. I think I got this idea from Rhonda, she always has the best ideas :) I jotted down our most used bread recipies onto bread shaped cut outs then taped them to the inside of my spice cabinet. Now when I start second guessing myself the recipe will be just a glance away.
The cookbooks are now caught up, a pile for the trash, a pile to try, and extra recipe cards I picked up in the dollar bin at Christmas. Throwing out recipies we didn't like was my "Let it Go" for yesterday.

It is 7 degrees here this morning, BURRRRR with the wind chill it's even colder than that, double BURRR. I have a mind to cuddle up under a quilt I have been hand quilting (put aside) for way too long but...I really need to keep working at the sewing/scrap room.

I did get as far as opening the door to the sewing room before I came down this morning to see if it will warm up a bit. We keep the vents off in all of the rooms that we don't use, the sewing room is one of them. The plan of action in that room today was to sort out some of the scrapbooking tools that I know I will just never use again. Also to add more Christmas 2015 projects to my sewing basket. That may or may not happen as my brain seems to be as frozen as my toes.

Have high hopes this second cup of tea will get my body and brain moving.


  1. Debby, I love the memory of your grandmother's windows steaming up. Also the clever idea of taping the recipes to the inside of the cabinet door. I hope you are stay warm. We went to town around noon and the temperature in the Jeep was wind chill is worse. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Debby, Organizing my recipes is on my to-do list this winter (yeah right- 32 years of recipes). I never thought of binders. What a great idea! So much better than a box. Can you please tell me who made yours? Thanks, Angela