Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prepping for a Scrapbooking Retreat

 So I decided while I am "Letting it Go" in the scrapbooking/sewing room I better pull out what I need for the retreat I will be going on next month. I decided to work on and update Christmas albums for our DD's families. Sticking with a theme for the retreat makes packing so much easier :) Ya Right!! My goal was to have most of what I needed at my finger tips on the cute new cart I purchased. As you can see in this photo that idea was not working out too well.
 Finally after a LONG day I consolidated, "Let it Go" in some cases, sent to the trash in others.

 Now to practice working in a small space. I measured out a 4 foot by 4 foot space then put down masking tape so I would keep myself "In Bounds" Later in the day I checked with some ladies that will be at the retreat to make sure the space allotted was what I remembered from years ago. OH NO come to find out the space would only be 3 x 3. As you can see by the tape measure on the bottom of the table I had even more consolidating to do :)
 There is no way in the world I could work in such a small place unless I pre made some of the pages I knew I wanted. My goal is to leave the cutting machine along with a whole lot of other stuff behind. I needed a list :) For the past two days I have been working that list of must haves.
 I like clean and simple pages, to me the photo's are what should stand out.
 I want to make sure there are sections in each album for our family traditions
 The things we do and enjoy
Pages that I can add too each year without having to re invent the wheel
I still have a way's to go...Seven more layouts to be exact according to my "List". Of course there are 2 sets for each of these, one for DD#1 family the other for DD#3  Oh My!
Originally I had planned on going all Project Life from here on out in the scrapbooking department that is until I pulled out DD#1 album I had created for them in 2006. I like clean pages. I like order. I like simple. I like the "Old" way..... Traditional Scrapbooking.
I hope this plan works out. I will be making traditional layout sections, sort of like title pages I am thinking. Then the following pages use the Project Life/Pocket style for each additional year. A bit of making it up as I go while still at home where I have more tools, gadgets, and supplies than any one person needs.
I think I have figured out MY style of this new pocket scrapbooking deal. I like simple. My eye and mind goes a bit nuts with all of the stuff on some of the pre made cards. Add to that some embellishments ....for the life of me can't focus on the photo's. It's all just too messy to suit me :)
Hubby is so funny, he ask me last night if I was leaving this weekend for the retreat. NO it's not until the end of February dear. The look on his face was priceless. I know he was thinking we have to live in this mess for another month!!! Na, I am just practicing for now I hope to have it all back where it will stay until my trip.
I had forgotten how messy traditional scrapbooking is. I had also forgotten how many hours it takes to build a layout!!! Maybe that is why I lost my Mojo over the years!! Somehow with this crazy busy life I need to ease it back in. I want the grands to have albums to look back on in years to come.
On to more layouts today, decluttering, reorganizing and "Letting it Go"


  1. I was involved with Creative Memories many years ago. I agree with you that SIMPLE is best. We can ask ourselves: What would I want to see in an album from my Great-Grandmother? I would want to see the photos and lots of journaling-who, what, where, when, why, how!! The embellishments can detract from the story and while I know what the story is, if I don't write it on the page, future generations won't have much to go on, and the photos become meaningless. Have fun getting ready for your retreat, and keep up the good work.

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