Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Let it Go"

 I braved the cold yesterday to work on the sewing room that just wouldn't warm up. Such a mess! I had no idea I was a plastic bag hoarder. I like putting together sewing kits, fabric, notions, pattern and such in plastic bags so I can grab and go when I have the time to sew. When I am done I throw the empty bags in one of my sewing drawers.  It is amazing how many plastic bags can be crammed in one little drawer.
 The majority of the bags went to the trash, yep I "Let it Go". Theses are the only ones I hung on to.
 Another area that needed some TLC in the sewing room was the TOO many binders of patterns/ideas. I moved everything down to the kitchen table closer to the wood burning stove in order to tackle this mess. This took hours!!!! Filled two trash cans full of patterns downloaded from the Internet and magazines that I no longer have any intrest in making. I "Let it Go"
Whittled it all down to 6 binders with some room to grow. There is no douth in my mind that there are still some patterns floating around, sneaky little buggers :) When they come out of hiding the binders will be ready to house them.

Let me start with a question Angela had regarding my cook books. They are old scrapbook recipe  cookbooks from Memory Makers. I love these books to death, they are so easy to sort and flip through. Now days you can find the 4x6 refill pages still in scrapbooking supplies at the big box stores. There are also lots of binders in all sorts of cute colors and patterns that could be used as a cookbook. I think Becky Higgins brand even has a cookbook kit. Check out the Project Life supplies/page protectors as well as other brands that are Project Life styles. Hobby Lobby usually has the best prices, there brand of supplies are much cheaper and of course they are always running a 50% off sale :)

This whole clean out, unload, organizing, "Let it Go" is not for sissy's!! It's long overdo as far as the sewing, scrapbooking, crafting department. Like eating a watermelon it is going to be a one bite at a time deal. Is it trash, treasure, unfinished object, work in progress, or "What the heck?"

For the next few days it will be a slow go as I have grands for 3 days. Keeping up with them, diapers, food, slobber, hugs, and kisses pretty much fills up the days. Kara would love nothing better than to "Help" me in that room. Lord knows what a mess that would be :)


  1. Thank you for the info! You are inspiring me- so many good ideas! Angela

  2. Hi Debby, So when can you come over?? LOL. I sure could use a boot you know where to get me going on trying to thin out needless stuff. I love your binder ideas. You look like an organized person to me. Blessings for a fun filled weekend. xoxo,Susie