Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some finishes!!

 Another finish from the pile of almost done projects in the sewing/scrapbook room. I made a few of these table runners some years ago as Birthday gifts. Not wanting to waste the leftover fabric I figured I would use it up on even more. Life and boredom got in the way of that plan :)
 Ta Da, Three new Birthday table runners are complete and have been moved to the gift drawer which BTW is OVERFLOWING!!!!
 I thought about ironing this one before taking a photo but...I didn't. Trust me they are cute
 Also in the pile was 6 more cuddle blankets for the no kill shelter that I just needed to sit down and tie. Done and delivered last night.
Hubby road along with me last night to pick up this oh so cute utility cart from Ikea. I have seen photo's of them on different sites where ladies use them for scrapbooking supplies, sewing, prep carts in the kitchen, plant stands, you name it :) I am going on a scrapbooking retreat next month, the work space allotted for each person is so small it got me thinking.....If I load this gal up with supplies I won't have to stand on my head under the table to pull out odds and ends I need to work with. I think it will also be nice to use at home. I always end up crafting and sewing on the kitchen table. It would be so much faster to just throw everything on this cart to push aside at the end of the day. I honestly almost bought two, one for sewing the other for scrapbooking :) or whatever other craft I might be working on. Time will tell if a second one will join the family.

I just love the freedom I feel when a project or two that has been laying around collecting dust and taking up room is finished!! I have two more things waiting in the wings I pulled out of the sewing room that I hope to get to soon. I thought soon would be today but after purchasing this cute cart I am like a kid with a new toy. I just want to play around with it :)

Soooo today will be mostly all about me :) and preparing for my upcoming trip that's still a month away. While working on my trip scrapbooking cart I should be able to do more scrapbooking decluttering. I know I have lots more stuff I need to "Let it Go"

Here is my sneaky little plan. If I can't find anyone locally that would like some of my excessive stuff I will take it to the crop with a cute sign "Needs a Good Home for Free" That should do the trick!! Scrapbookers can't pass up a free deal :)

I can't remember a day in a very, very, long time that I just checked out to have a play date all on my own. Do you ever say to heck with it all to do just what you want? Hells bells I might even stay in my PJ's all day!!!


  1. Have fun and enjoy your day!!! Love the new cart!!!

    Enjoy, Janie

  2. Soo cute! Love the adorable runner! The cart is just the cat's @ss!!! lol!! Love it to bits! :)

  3. How awesome you are Debby! Wish I could take some of your gifts 'off your hands', especially that gorgeous cupcake birthday table runner! So CUTE! Do you sell any of your work?
    LOVE the cart too. Great idea to be able to bring it to any room you happen to be working in.