Friday, January 23, 2015

More Decluttering

 Most of yesterday was spent digging around in the sewing/scrapbook room. I had hoped to have time to build a page or two for next months retreat but there was just no time leftover. I did however remember to pull out some of my old class binders to see if there might be some Christmas pages. BINGO!!! Five layouts just waiting to add photo's and journaling. This is what I call a double treat. Decluttering and moving forward on the Christmas albums all rolled into one :)
 I also decided to do away with my handmade cards drawer. An entire drawer full of finished cards
 Birthday, Thank you, Thinking of you, Just because, and some seasonal stuff for winter
I sorted everything by theme, added and envelope, then bagged them up by theme. They will be dropped off at our local nursing home on Monday!!

After running errands yesterday I got right on decluttering of scrapbooking stuff. The room is no where near complete but I can tell you I have made a nice dint in all of the excess stuff that has been collecting dust for too many years. I forgot to take a photo of the goodie bag I put on a friends front porch yesterday of really cute papers and embellishments she will enjoy.

I am super excited about the cards :) I have two of the grands today or I would make the drop off today. The center puts the cards in their little shop for the residents to shop in. Many if not most of the folks are on a very limited budget. Some only receive $50.00 a month spending money from there social security checks for personal items. Being able to pick up small gifts or cards for a dollar or less helps out a lot.

I have some sewing to do for the home that I need to get on but I am determined to finish up the scrapbooking section before I start anything else!!

Why work on preparing for the retreat that is still a month away? Two of the biggest reasons is I needed to make a trip down to my sisters to restock her freezer and pantry (more on that later) the other is I have a jury summons for February. I am the ONLY person I know that ends up being picked every single time!!!! Of course I never get on a one or two day trial, its always a week or more, grrrr

The next few days will be play time with the little ones. Kara wants to do some cooking, Blake will be exploring the floors for every tiny bite of dirt he can find. Kara also ask to go to the grocery store. I think I have trained her enough now to stick to the list, she loves holding the list and marking things off.

I need to get my rump in gear to give the downstairs a look over to make sure I haven't left anything out the little guys might find interesting and throw the first load of laundry in before the fun begins

I can tell you the unloading and redistribution of things I no longer need or love has me feeling 10 pounds lighter :)


  1. Sounds like you are making a lot of progress!! Good luck and have fun, Janie

  2. It feels liberating to let go of the things you don’t actually need, right? Congrats to you for taking this step. Clutter are inevitable part of scrapbooking, and I get why it would be difficult to just throw things that you creatively put together. Well, giving them off to nursing homes was a clever idea. Cheers!

    Clarence Rios @ Bins By Jo

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