Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekly Grocery Run

 My $200.00 grocery budget took a hit this week with a couple of high priced items. Garbage bags, TP, and Coconut Oil were the budget busters. Santa hooked me up with some new cookbooks for Christmas, one of the books calls for coconut oil in a ton of recipe's. A little 14 ounce jar of coconut oil cost almost $8.00 ouch!!! The stuff better be worth the price :) Total spent this week $40.31. I have $68.00 and some change to last until the end of the month, I think I can, I think I can.
 While messing around in my scrapbook supplies I "let it Go" of some paper organizers. Heck I took it a step farther by delivering them and helping my buddy organize her scrapbooking supplies. Some adult "Girl Time" was a nice treat for us both.
During my organizing marathon in the scrapbooking department I realized I needed a few supplies for the upcoming retreat. Thank you Hobby Lobby for such great weekly sales. I can't go into Hobby Lobby or any store for that matter without checking the clearance section. Low and behold they had Christmas stocking kits marked down to $10.99, regular price $29.99 Yaaaa These will be used as gift for a GF, Birthday or Christmas, I'm not sure which yet :)

I have grounded myself today! All the running around needs to come to a halt if I want to ever get a handle on this scrapbook downsizing, updating, decluttering project.

Goals for today

Complete six 12x12 pages
Clean out four scrapbook drawers
Work on yesterday's  list I didn't complete :)

On to this weeks menu

Monday - Chili
Tuesday - Asian Pork Roast * Got knock over from last week
Wednesday - Herb Chicken
Thursday - Leftover Chili
Friday - Meat Loaf
Saturday - Baked Pork Chops

The new Penne Ham Skillet recipe I tried from last week was, YUCK. The recipe is now in the trash, decluttering of just one recipe counts!  Hope this weeks new to us Asian Pork Roast recipe will be better.

Are any of you trying out new recipes that are floating around in drawers, counters, magazine's, or where ever else you stack things?

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