Sunday, January 4, 2015

January Saving Challenge

 One of the many places the Grand girls like to hang out in is our pantry. They love to pick out things for us to bake, cook, and during the holidays they enjoy searching for special snacks. I have dreams that they might just turn out to be good home cooking ladies some day, in the meantime I am enjoying time with them cooking up whatever our family enjoys. That's the good stuff. The bad stuff is they always make a hot mess of things in the pantry :) Pantry clean out/organizing is a regular task with these rug rats around.

Which brings me to my January challenge, cut our grocery spending A LOT this month!!! This morning I pulled out our monthly grocery budget cash of $200.00. That's it, no more, we are going to make do or do without for the entire month!!!!

I decided to go with the full monthly amount instead of just $50.00 each week for a few reasons

 Reason ONE is I have got to get out of the habit of using our debit card just because I am too lazy to go to the ATM. Running to the bank for $50.00 each week is a pain in the rump, I can always find and excuse for not doing it. Also I know I overspend when I use that stinkin debit card :)

 Reason number TWO is if I run into an extra special deal I want to have the cash in my hot little hands to jump on it even if that means I am pulling from the next weeks budget.

Reason number THREE is I think I am a visual person. Seeing that cash in a zippy wallet and watching it shrink each week helps keep me on track :)

For some crazy reason I decided it would be a good idea to do my grocery shopping this morning. I think there are a few never do rules when grocery shopping. 

Rule #101, Never shop when your hungry - Check - we ate a nice big breakfast this morning.

Rule #102,  Always have a list - Check - I had a beautiful detailed list.

Rule #103, Never shop with kiddo's or hubby's - FAILED!!!!!!

Rule #4, Just say NO - BIG FAIL!!

Our final bill at the check out counter was $55.01, grrr. The budget buster was all hubby and Kara's fault.

Hubby thought AJ the Beagle was getting low on dog food...hum. he could be right but I didn't think so. OK her food was $5.00 off might as well pick it up just in case.

Hubby and Kara agreed AJ the Beagle didn't like her new weight management doggie treats. She MUST have her favorites. Grrrr OK, fine

As my back was turned loading the 15 pound bag of dog food the budget busters were picking out a new toy for AJ the Beagle. OH NO you don't, AJ the beagle just got a new toy from Santa. Kara gave me the melt Nanny's heart look and says " But AJ the beagle only got's one new toy from Santa, she's be a sweet little hound dog, her needs more toys" Crap!!!!! I hate when they pull that "Heart of a Giver" sometimes :) OK fine!, but NOTHING else!!!!

Total cost of my budget buster tag along's $29.76, sigh.

No more breaking the rules, for the rest of the month!!! I would like to stay under the monthly budget if at all possible. The leftovers I plan on depositing into our vacation fund for 2015. I don't expect it to be much but something is more than nothing.

Want to join me in this challenge? Hop on board, make sure to leave your win's or losses in the comment section. We can cheer each other on to the end! :)


  1. At least you know your dog will be fed all month :)

    No, I'm not on this grocery challenge but we have plans to pay off our only debt this year so husband can retire, both by the end of 2015. If nothing crazy happens, we can do it if we are careful.

  2. Yes! I want to join this challenge. I want to set a budget amount and stick to it. I do pretty good most of the time, but want to do better. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll let you know how I do over on my blog

  3. Hmmm, there is only 2 of us, no visitors and no dog. My budget is $300. a month. Maybe things are just more costly up north. I raised it a hundred 6 months ago when milk went to $5. a gallon and all other diary products followed. Of course I do a lot of baking each week and even flour and whole wheat has increased a good bit. I sometimes have a little left over but not much.