Monday, January 12, 2015

Grocery Budget Update

I ended up making two trips to the grocery this week as the SIL's requested fruit only as our sweets. Trip one was for regular groceries at a cost of $37.56 The fruit run totaled out at 18.67, durn fruit is sky high!! For the second week in a roll I am over the self imposed $50.00 a week goal. It may still turn out  OK in the end if the next 2 weeks come in under the weekly goal
The SIL's requested NO MORE Sweet's at Sunday dinner this week. It just doesn't feel like Sunday dinner to me if we don't have a little something baked but I do respect and agree with them that the little kids (maybe us big kids too) have been on sugar overload for way too long. I ran back to the grocery to beef up on fruit for dinner. After cutting all of the fruit up the world still seemed off to me :) Seeing as how all of the little kids have to take their lunch, even the pre schoolers I decided to make cookies for them to take home for their lunch boxes this week. The SIL's were fine with that :)
We took Kara along with us Saturday to Tyler's first basketball game. Our Ty is the kiddo that is almost as tall as the referee with his hands in he air. We think he might turn out to be taller than his 6'5" daddy when full grown :) So the oddest thing happened...Our Kara is feisty, the gal can't sit still, to this day she can't watch a 30 minute cartoon with us. I had figured I would have to take her outside at some point during the game to let her run off some energy. Nope. didn't happen, that girl sat for the entire game cheering the boys on, she LOVED it. When the game was over she didn't want to leave, "Just one more time Nanny" Who knew she would be a basketball fan!! I might just tape the next game so when she is driving me up the wall I can pop the movie in to get some rest
Tater Tot has learned to crawl :( not only that he decided 2 days later that crawling was not enough. He now pulls himself up onto anything. Dog gone it they grow up to fast :)

On to the menu so I can get this busy day started. I have lots of plans in my head for the day, not sure how many will be accomplished!

Sunday - We had Veggie Beef soup with burgers and hot dogs.

Monday - Ham, mashed potatoes, some sort of veggie

Tuesday - Leftover soup with some sort of home made bread

Wednesday - Asian pork roast *

Thursday - Penne ham skillet * (Leftover ham)

Friday - Beef roast, taters, and carrots

One of my goal for the next month or two is to try out some of the recipe's I have stacked up, pulled from here, there, and everywhere, they are marked with a (*) Hope to come up with a few new family favorites to add to the cook books as well as different ways to use up (hide) leftovers.

I have high hopes I can get in some finishes today once the house is back in order. Sunday dinners wreak havoc on our home from top to bottom :) Ya it's worth it.


  1. How can Tater Tot already be crawling and pulling up? It goes by fast, doesn't it?

    I cannot say we've only spent $50 a week. We went to the commissary Saturday and filled up 2 carts. But I sure shouldn't have to shop much in the future.

  2. Debby, You know that it cost so much more to try to eat healthy. Sad but true. Glad you enjoyed your grandkids. They do grow up way too fast. Hug them , kiss them and squeeze them now. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. It's good that you are making headstrong efforts to keep all your spending and consumption in line with your actual means. Some folks tend to take the shopping things in stride, working only with assumptions and the slightest look at their wallets. However, that is not a luxury we can afford, especially in trying times. It really would be best to keep track of our budgets, and all the ways they are spent. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Herman Thompson @ AccountAbility Plus