Saturday, January 17, 2015

So Much for My Plan

 As I was enjoying my "Me Day" working right along, decluttering, organizing, finding treasures long forgotten, sitting aside some giveaways of "will never use again stuff" hubby called.... What should have been and entire day and evening alone for some play time as hubby and his buddies were going to dinner after work followed by a movie turned into a traffic jam nightmare.

Hubby's truck decided it needed a rest, the old girl wouldn't start :(  Tow truck? Out of the question, no way will a tow trunk come out at 4:00 for a routine pick up. They can make so much more money pulling in the fender binders during rush hour.

I can never say often enough nor loud enough I HATE city traffic, rush hour, somebody just shoot me. Hubby's office is a mere 20 miles from home. Problem is his office is located smack dab in "Downtown" 3 hours and 45 minutes later I dropped kicked him at the movies to meet up with his buddies. Times like this is when I wish I were a drinker of something other than stinking water :)

$325.00 dollars later the shop called to pick up the truck. They were not sure what was wrong so they went ahead and put a new starter on just in case, grrrrrr

 At least I did have most of the day to collect, sort, and organize what I hope will be the next scrapbooking project.  Update Christmas albums
 A bit of "Let it Go" three small trash cans to be exact.
 Tater Tot seems to be following in the steps of his older cousins. Check out the book he is reading "Cakes in a Jar"!!!! I didn't even realize what book he had snitched until I downloaded photo's last night. Little bugger is into everything now that he has advanced to speed crawling.
His very favorite thing to do is wrestle with his Ty boy. Tyler has a super soft spot for babies, the kid is baby crazy!!! He told DD#2 she needed to hurry up and get married so we can have some more babies :) Even offered to hook her up with his basketball coach!!! Ummm Ty boy your coach might be married. His response "I'll check him out" Oh Lord, kids are a riot.

Today is survival of the fittest. We took Tater Tot and Kara to breakfast this morning to meet up with some friends. Mornings are too early for doing the octopus deal. Try eating, drinking a cup of coffee, feeding a 7 month old, and supervising a toddler while your friends laugh till they cry watching you.

This with the entire family to cheer our Ty Boy on followed by what we hope will be a quite evening with some leftover pot roast.

Sometime before Sunday dinner tomorrow I need to make the weekly grocery store run. It won't be with hubby and the little kids that's for sure!!

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  1. Debby, Is that LA traffic??? My gosh, I would sooner walk than ever drive in that. Bless your heart. Gotta love those boys, big and small. LOL.oxo,Susie