Monday, January 19, 2015

Simply Lovely Find!!
Photo from Jenny of Elefantz
So I am surfing around last night looking for something that I can't for the life of me remember when I found myself at this sweet, sweet, sweet blog. At first glance I was hooked by her lovely hand work, as I dug a bit deeper my heart just melted with all of the beauty. Her "Year of gentle domesticity" spoke to me. If you haven't already guessed I tend to go a million miles and hour with a break in action every now and then. I feel such a need to approach things with more gentleness. Click on the photo above to read her goal for the year :)
Photo from Jenny of Elefantz
Another "spoke to me post" was the one above. While I do enjoy reading my bible often I love this idea of following along each Sunday with the scriptures she shares. Tucking them all in this sweet little book....Be still my heart!!!!!! Once again I felt that voice inside saying, girl slow down I found this just for you ENJOY :) Click on the photo for a free copy of the pattern.
Then there is this!!! I have been meaning to make one of these bags for years!!! If I wasn't so lazy I would jump up and take a photo of the rat nest mess my bags are in. Just click the photo to find the tutorial.
I would love to spend my day on Jenny's beautiful blog, maybe even print out some of the free To Do lists she posted here
 but......I do have a sloppy list of my own that I need to tend to
1.) Grocery Store
2.) Pick up refund from the Post Office
3.) Pay bills
4.) Catch up on filing
5.) Finish laundry
6.) Work on Christmas scrapbook
7.) Clean up piles of books on hubby's and my side tables
I hope you enjoy Jenny's blog as much as I have!!!

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  1. Bless you, Debby...may His gracious and gentle Spirit guide you as you intentionally slow down. He is so good to us, and helps us to become who we need to be...with grace and mercy and LOVE.
    He loves you, honey!
    Jenny of Elefantz