Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kaiser Rolls Anyone?

 I tried very hard to stay on task yesterday :) One of the million and one things that needs to be done around here is clean up in my Sewing/scrap room. Yesterday I "Let it Go" entire bag of scrap scrapbook paper went to the trash. While I do use scraps when I ever find the time to sit down and work on our albums this pile of scraps were out of control and taking up space. There will be lots more "Let it Go" going on in the next month.
 Another task on my list was to give a Kaiser roll recipe a whirl. Hubby thought they were wonderful me... They seemed too dense inside and the outside was not as crunchy as I had thought they should be. I'm sure it was a user error :) I will try again soon once I research to see where I might have gone wrong. So this bread making adventure got me searching for the "Right" way to store home made breads. Many of the artisan breads loose their crunchiness when wrapped in foil and frozen, ditto using zip lock bags. It's really amazing what all you can find on line these days, also amazing how much time can be wasted :) So time and again I read where bread bags do the trick for artisan breads. The cost was not too bad if they really worked. With shipping one bag would have run around $20.00...Hummm
 So I googled once again, this time for home made bread bags. BINGO!!! Here is the tutorial I found. Knowing that I had a nice stockpile of kitchen towels from Williams Sanoma sales I keep put back for Shower gifts I decided to make do. As always I changed a few things. My towel measured 20x30, a bit larger than what the tutorial called for. I also didn't want to go through all the trouble of cutting off the finished edges. so here is my quick and I do mean quick fix
1.) cut the towel in 1/2
2.) do a double turn down on the cut edge to form a casing.
3.) fold the towel in 1/2 and sew the side and bottom up to but not including the casing
 Seeing as how I have more ribbon than any one person should have I used that for the drawstring.
The only thing I am not crazy about is one corner doesn't square up nicely. I thought about clipping the corner before turning but then I would be back to the possible unraveling when its washed problem. This is one of those "Done" is good enough projects.

Tonight I am planning a RAK of potato soup and rolls for a friend. I know she will be excited, tucking her bread into one of these cute bags will make it extra special.

 If I ever decide to hit the after holiday sales I plan on keeping my eye's open for some cute Christmas kitchen towels. Wouldn't these be sweet Christmas gifts? Add the recipe for whatever baked good you are giving and your good to go. I do believe I would wrap any quick bread/sweet bread in foil or plastic wrap before placing in the bread bag.

While I didn't stay on task ALL day :) I did at least maybe come up with a better way to store homemade bread :) That counts right?


  1. Great idea! Don't worrry about the corners, only seamstresses would notice and there are not that many of us anymore,

  2. Hi Debby, I just looked at the previous posts of yours. I love how you shopped at Kohl's. I get many good deals there too. I love the picture of the girls in the pantry it made me laugh. You did a fine job on the jewelry holder and the little bags in this post. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. To make your rolls or Italian bread have a crust, keep a spray bottle of water close by and every now and then spray the sides of the oven. I store my breads in wax paper and then cloth bags. To freeze it I lay it on a layer of corn meal in the freezer....when frozen then i put it in wax paper and then seal it with the machine. The rolls should have lots of air pockets.

  4. Always seems to be *something* that needs perfected with bread recipes isn't there?! lol! Love the bread bag! Going to have to make one!